Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Burning Properties of Wood as Fuel for Stoves

Below is a list of the most common woods for burning. It is worth remembering that all wood burns better if split.
There is an old saying "Before starting a fire, collect the right wood". It is worth learning which wood is best for your fires as it will make life a lot easier. A natural result of tree recognition is to learn the burning properties of their woods.
Never burn wood that has not been properly seasoned and dried. Doing this - especially with pine - can tar up your chimeny and damage your stove !
ALDER : Poor in heat and does not last.
APPLE : Splendid. Burns slow and steadily, with little flame but good heat. The scent is pleasing.
ASH : best burning wood. Has both heat and flame. Will burn when green - though naturally not as good as when seasoned.
BEECH : a rival to ash - though not a close one, and only fair when green. Not as good as ash when dry. If it has a fault, it is likely to shoot embers a long way.
BIRCH : the heat is good, but it burns quickly. Pleasant smell.
CEDAR : Good when dry. Really sparks and crackles. Gives little flame but lots of heat and smells superb.

Orignal From: The Burning Properties of Wood as Fuel for Stoves

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