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Treeless Saddles - What you should know

Whilst treeless saddles have been around since man first rode the horse, they are still a new concept to many. The treed saddle took over when menused the horse in warfare and as their ammunition got more powerful, they needed armour to protect themselves.This meant more security was neededin the saddle to enable them to stay on board plus the need for something more substantial to protect the horse from the weight and hardness of the armour.Thus, treed saddles became popular and without the materials that we have today, there wasn't much option than to use wood, wool and straw to give the rider the support and the horse the protection from the rider. However, despite the best of intentions, a distinct lack of understanding horse physiology has been apparent during the development and use of the saddle treeand whilst the argument of time still favours the treed saddle, there is and has been, much evidence that it hasn't always been the best option for the horse. You only have to look at old paintings of horses to see the white hairs - evidence of the same damage we see today caused by treed saddles all that time ago. Only the wealthy had their horses painted and only their best beasts too and it's evident that they did not realise these white marks were scars or they would not have been painted in.Over the years, treeless saddles have been available, if only in limited form. However,in these enlightened times and maybe due to the "natural horsemanship movement", treeless saddles are back and this time round, they're here to stay. They may still be a "minority member"in comparison to their treed counterparts, but there is now much more variety available than before and here at least in the UK, they have been commercially available for at least the last9 years.Horse owners

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Timberland Footwear Sizing Guide Womens Boots, Shoes u

Sizing guide to help you select the proper fit for Women's Timberland brand shoes, boots and sandals. Determine which size is best for your hiking, camping, running, adventure sports or casual outdoor lifestyle needs.At Beyond the Treeline, we know our products very well. We have past experience selling Timberland brand products. Inventories naturally fluctuate over time; even if we don't have what you're looking for, you can use this guide to help further determine what it is that you need to consider when buying online. It is our pleasure to offer this guide for your review. Thank you for visiting! We have made more guides like this one available, arranged A-Z. Or visit the list that includes summary descriptions.Best Regards,Beyond the Treeline // beyondthetreelinevisit our eBay store learn more about us newsletter sign-up add to favorite sellersAbout this brandTimberland is the name to count on for durable, rugged footwear with all the traction and support you need plus all the comfort you want. They've combined premium materials and the latest footwear technology to create footwear you'll want to take every place you go. No matter where you are, or what you're doing, your feet will feel the benefits of our commitment to making durable products using quality materials and the most advanced technology. Makers of Timberland PRO and Timberland Mountain Athletics. At Timberland, things are different from other companies. Timberland is a twenty-first century example for socially responsible corporations around the world. At corporate headquarters, employees work hard to make some of the world's most innovative products, then use paid time-off to make a difference in the community. Throughout the entire company, it's evident that doing well and doing good are inextricably linked.This popular brand is revered and sought after for its quality and durability, and is a brand name to rely on, season after season, year after year. Some of the world's most admired professional adventure athletes swear by and trust this brand. These factors begin to explain why we choose to sell it alongside many outdoors sporting brands like it. New product models are continuously in development, and are updated and released at least once every calendar year.Fit Finder: Footwear Sizing ChartsSize Conversion Tables, Timberland, Womensdata source: manufacturerThe chart above is brand specific. Other brands may not be sized identically. Other product attributes, such as shoe width, heel depth, and ankle height will vary by particular model. Standard width on both Men's and Women's shoes is expressed as "Medium". For men, this is referred to as letter "D". For women, this is referred to as letter "B". Availability of narrow and/or wide versions may depend on the construction of a particular item. Since that is beyond the reach of this guide, please check with manufacturer if this is an issue relevant to you. Another consideration will be "fit" (e.g., "true to size", "runs small", "runs large"). Competent sporting goods sellers, such as ourselves, will gladly be able to provide this information as applicable for a given product item. Buying from a seller or retailer that does not know their products inside and out is discouraged. Always be sure to ask your potential seller relevant questions if your concerns are not addressed within an item's description text.How to Size Your FootIf you are unsure what foot or shoe size you are, then you may wish to take a measurement prior to purchasing a pair of footwear. An excellent way to do this is to use our printable footwear size measuring charts, which allow you to measure your feet quickly, easily, and accurately. Now there's no need to just take a chance, and no need to worry about shoe shopping online! Some additional sizing guidelines include the following general observations:To convert inches to centimeters, multiply inches by 2.54.If you are not in the US, or not familiar with US sizing, don't worry. Use the conversion chart above to determine your size.For a perfect fit in any type of shoe, you'll want to try them on. In lieu of that, however, measure your foot, and compare your findings to a specific manufacturer or model of shoe. Don't always assume your shoe size is the same as it always has been. The shape of your feet changes over time.Because the foot is three-dimensional, any one or two-dimensional measuring tool can only approximate your true shoe size. Keep in mind that manufacturers use different lasts (forms that create shape) to construct their shoes, and sizing may vary accordingly between and across brands. Many shoes have excellent arch support, but still others leave things to be desired. Take into account your specific needs, if any, for arch support inserts or innersoles (insoles).Measure both feet. If your feet are different sizes, it is recommended that you purchase the size that accommodates the longer and wider of your feet. It is recommended that you stand upright, if possible, when using the measurement chart. This is because you can more accurately gauge how your foot shape distributes your weight. Although it is not true for everybody, in many cases, the larger foot is the opposite of that person's dominant hand (e.g., right-handed, left-footed).Depending on your intended uses, what you choose to wear inside your footwear is sometimes just as important as the footwear itself. This will inevitably influence your sizing requirements. Keep in mind that depending on the type of footwear you're considering, you may elect to wear socks. As a result, take into consideration what kind of socks you will be wearing (for example, thick versus thin, wool versus cotton, standard versus wicking). When you measure your foot, wear the socks you'll wear with your new shoes.Also related to sizing, check out our Tips on Shoe and Boot Lacing for an Even Better Fit.Some materials, such as non-waterproofed leathers, may shrink when subjected to prolonged exposure to weather elements, water, and other excess water sources, such as snow and ice. Determine in advance whether you need to take a step up to the next level of technical products, namely, footwear constructed from either water-resistant or waterproof materials.We often get questions on inter-gender compatibility. Should you be deterred from wearing athletic shoes of the opposite gender? Absolutely not; in all but a few cases, sizing is comparable if simple guidelines are followed.FAQ: How do I convert men's to women's shoe sizes? Generally, converting men's to women's shoe sizes is an easy-to-remember rule of thumb. We suggest that you should subtract approximately one-and-one-half sizes from your US women's size to find the appropriate shoe in US men's size. For example, if you wear a size 9 US in women's shoes, you would most likely need a size 7.5 US in men's shoes.Vice versa, men would add approximately one-and-one-half shoe sizes to women's sizing in order to determine the proper fit. For example, if you wear a size 9 US in men's shoes, you would most likely need a size 10.5 US in women's shoes.You should not be afraid to purchase footwear online. When making decisions based on experience, be armed with your knowledge of your own feet, your specific sporting activities, your own personal tendencies, and overall, good, practical judgment. This way, you can greatly minimize the chances that you will have any difficulties with regards to size. Fear, in the case of buying shoes online, is rather silly, exaggerated and wisely dismissed.The Importance of SizingA properly-fitted athletic shoe or technical multi-sport boot is perhaps one of the most important pieces of adventure sports equipment that a connoisseur of the outdoor lifestyle can have at their disposal. Not only does it complement one's collection of durable clothing, advanced outerwear, activewear, and outdoor fitness apparel, but it also is a means of ensuring safety while engaged in, or en route to, hiking, ultra running, jogging, cross-training, backcountry camping, rock climbing, mountaineering, backpacking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, fishing, kayaking or other highly enjoyable athletic pursuits. Properly-fitted footwear greatly minimizes the likelihood of ankle injuries (e.g, "rolling an ankle"), buffets stress, wear and tear on the knees, legs and back, as well as reduces the occurence of swelling and painful arch or heel skin blisters. Obviously, you'll also want a proper fit so that you don't trip and take a header into a tree or off a cliff! Finally, for those that are using their footwear for endurance training or adventure racing, remember that like that of any well-oiled machine, fluid motion is a principal component in being efficient. Efficiency lends itself to duration; duration to stamina; stamina to victory! A good fit is one that allows you to operate at your peak performance levels, and that's always a plus (or an advantage!) if it pushes you over the finish line of your personal goals.About the AuthorBeyond the Treeline is dedicated to bringing the finest in adventure sports clothing, outerwear and outdoor fitness apparel to market. Our practical experience, technical knowledge, and mutual respect for the outdoor lifestyle inspire our customer-friendly service. Since 1999, we have consistently met and exceeded the needs of serious athletes by offering a superior selection of authentic, new, first-quality, high-end, name-brand camping, mountaineering, hiking and active lifestyle gear for all seasons.Beyond the Treeline Inc. (BTTL) is not to be held responsible, in any capacity, for variances or inaccuracies in any of the information presented above. Although we have taken reasonable precautions to ensure accuracy, data is only as good as its original source and its input. Please proceed with its use accordingly. Final decisions will be your own.If you found this guide helpful, please vote below, or send us a message with ideas on how to improve it further. Thank you!

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Buying a Digital Camera with Underwater Housing

Buying a CameraThere are four things to consider when buying a camera (apart from budget of course!):Quality - known as Mega Pixels, e.g. 6 MPFunctions - what the camera can do, e.g. take photos in low light conditionsShape - a camera that is comfortable in your hands is very importantSpec. - these are the hidden little details you must consider when buying a camera to take photos underwater!Choosing QualityThe quality of images is shown as the number of 'pixels' contained in an image. Pixels are the tiny squares which make up the image, just like newspaper print is made up of dots.The more pixels you have, the higher quality your image will be. If you're printing your pictures at home or in a local digital lab then you won't notice much difference once you buy more than 6 mega pixels. This is because your images won't be printed bigger than A4 or approximately 8"x10". If you want to print magazine quality images you will need a 6MP camera or bigger.For a good quality image at A4 (magazine size) the smallest number of pixels you can buy is 4 mega pixels (4MP). For A3, go for 6MP.The other quality of a camera is the 'build' quality. Most brand name cameras will have good quality lenses and sturdy bodies but it's always worth 'handling' a camera to see how you like the feel of it. If it feels cheap and breakable you'll always be nervous using it. Go for something you feel comfortable with.FunctionsMost cameras have 'Modes' but these are only for special conditions, e.g. portraits, scenery etc. Underwater you will rarely encounter such perfect conditions. Look for a camera that works well in low light, has a built-in flash and easy to use control buttons.Light levels are measured like camera film: ISO. The higher the number the better your photos will be in dark conditions. Do be aware that your photos will look more grainy when you're using a high ISO.You also need a higher ISO for taking fast moving images like fish or squid!As a quick example, on a bright sunny day you can photograph a motorbike race with your camera set to ISO200. On a dark cloudy day, you would need to use ISO400 to freeze the same action.ShapeThe shape of a camera is very important, especially when you're taking a lot of photographs or have a heavy lens attached. Always choose a camera shape that feels comfortable in your hand and you can fit your fingers around. Spec.Also look for those extra specifications as they can greatly enhance your photography. For example, will your camera take a short piece of video? 640x480 video will look good on your TV for example but 320x240 will look tiny and grainy.Can you adjust the settings manually or is everything automatic? As you learn more you'll want to experiment so look for a camera with a few manual functions you can choose to use later on when you've learnt a bit more.Buying a HousingWith usually only one or two housings available for a camera you are limited in choice unless you haven't bought your camera yet. In this case you can choose the housing as well. If you can't find a housing that will suit your diving and camera, it's time to rethink your camera choice.DepthLook for a housing that is rated to go the same depth as your diving. Most compact camera housings are rated to 40m which is fine for non-technical divers.Upgrade OptionsMost housings can be upgraded with extra lighting, screw on filters, larger memory cards and other marine accessories.Look at the accessories available before you buy. You may want to upgrade your lighting very quickly but the cost could be huge if you haven't chosen a compatible housing!AccessoriesFilters are available to reduce the blue of mediterranean water or the green of atlantic water but not all housings have filters available. Just like the cameras, you have to look at the specifications of the housings to find out if they accept filters.Cameras, housings and accessories can be found in our Ebay shop: Big Blue Squid Shop

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Some confusion surrounds the 1,2,3,4 sizing of Devoucoux tack and boots. I hope this can help clear it up. Devoucoux recommends a size guide of : -Size 1 - to fit ponies up to 14.1hhSize 2 - to fit horses 14.3hh to 16.1hhSize 3 - to fit horses 16.3hh to 17.1hhSize 4 - to fit 17.2hh and aboveThese are only a guide and obviously not every horse is the same shape, but basically tells you what size to aim for. Size 3 would be classed as extra full and size 4 xx full for the really big type.


Ski cross country snowboard boots sizing charts

I understand that it sounds risky to buy a pair of ski, snowboard or cross country boots off the internet. However, it really isn't. We sell thousands of pairs a year and rarely have problems with sizing (we guarantee fit, too). The confusing term "mondo-sizing" is the culprit. "Mondo-sizing" is actually the insole length in centimeters. No, you do not buy ski boots a half size larger or smaller than your street shoes. You buy them the same size. Ski socks are now made of high-tech materials, and are much thinner than they used to be. The boots are much better insulated. Here is a chart to show which size you should buy and why:Boot Fitting Boots are probably the single most important purchase you will make when it comes to purchasing ski equipment. The boot must be comfortable, fit well and be properly suited to the type of skiing you do. It is recommended that you spend a little more on boots and get the features that will benefit you the most.Sizing Of BootsSizing of boots is extremely confusing to most people. Most boot companies now size their boots using the Mondopoint sizing system. The concept behind the Mondopoint system is to have a uniform sizing system that would be universal, where presently there are several different systems including US, European, and United Kingdom. Our chart will help you in your conversion to the Mondopoint system.A simple conversion method for you to change Mondopoint to US sizing is to take the numbers to the left of the decimal point and add them together, the number to the right tells you if it is a half size. Example: Mondopoint 27.5 would convert to 2 7 = 9, .5 = 1/2 - The result is 9 1/2. If the mondopoint size is 30 or greater to start with, add 9 to the final size. Example - 31.0 converts to 4, 4 9 = 13. This gives sizes in men's US sizes. To convert the size to ladies you would add 1 to the whole US size. Example - Mondopoint 27.5 would be Ladies 10.5 because there is roughly one size difference between Men's and Ladies sizes.How Should Boots Fit?A ski boot should hold the foot firmly but comfortably. Toes should be close to the end of the boot especially when foot is first placed in boot, but not bunched. You should be able to wiggle your toes. Your heel should have a snug fit in the "Heel Pocket" with minimal movement when boot is flexed forward.How Do I Determine If The Boot Is A Proper Fit?First test your boots with appropriate socks. You should use a ski sock, they come in various thickness which is a personal preference...two pair of socks are not recommended.Next place your foot in the boot and buckle the boot lightly. Flex in the book, by this we mean making the boot bend by flexing at the knees causing the upper cuff of the boot to bend forward, you should feel pressure on your shin while doing this. This will force your heel back into the heel pocket where it should be and will be when you are skiing. Do this several times to insure you are completely in heel pocket.Now stand in the boots upright..your toes should be near or brushing the end of boot. When you flex forward and hold that position, your toes should move off of the end, this is the proper fit.To determine if the shell is the proper size, remove the liner from shell. Place your foot in the empty shell and slide your foot forward till your big toe is touching the end of shell. You should be able to place a 1 1/2 to 2 fingers behind your heel and the shell. This is the proper shell size.Don't buy boots too big - they could cause you pain and possibly injury.How Do I Custom Fit My Boot?Custom fitting refers to making the boot match your foot more exactly. An experienced boot fitter can help you with this through the use of pads and footbeds. Many of the better boots on the market presently have liners that can be heated which expands the liner and then sets around the foot as it cools. Many have liners that will form with use to your foot. Footbeds can also help the fit and comfort of the boot. They place the foot in it's natural position, increases circulation, and reduces fatigue by supporting foot and joints properly. You can purchase simple footbeds that you trim and fit for Under $40 that will greatly increase fit or have custom footbeds made. When Should I Replace My Boots?Boots don't last forever... The plastic that boots are made of is effected by UV light and Hydrocarbons and can become brittle and break. Liners wear out and your foot moves too much in the boot limiting your skiing and often causing pain. Rear Entry boots don't offer proper lateral support for our new shape skis. Soles, both toe and heel, wear and could effect proper release from bindings. A visual inspection of these areas should be made often. Mondopoint Conversion Chart How To Use This Chart: Ski boots are sized using mondopoints. Simply find your shoe size from the three columns on the left and then read across to the column on the far right to find your ski boot size. All ski boot sizes on our site are listed in mondopoints.Shoe Sizes Mondopoint WomenUSA/Canada__(CM)____Europe______U.K._______(USA)_______|____8____|___15____|___25_____|_____7____|______________||____9____|___16____|___26_____|_____8____|______________||___10____|___17____|___27_____|_____9____|______________||___11____|___17.5 __|___28_____|____10____|______________||___12____|___18.5_ _|___29_____|____11____|______________||___13____|___19.5_ _|___30.5 ___|_____12___|______________||___13.5_ _|___20____|___31_____|____13____|______________||____1____|___20.5_ _|___32_____|____13.5 __|______________||____2____|___21____|____33____|_____1____|______________||____3____|___21.5_ _|___34_____|_____2____|______________||____4____|___22____|____35____|_____3____|______5_______||____4.5_ _|___22.5_ _|____36____|_____3.5 __|_____5.5 ______||____5____|___23____|____36.5 __|____4_____|_____6________||____5.5_ _|___23.5_ _|____37____|_____4.5 __|_____6.5 ______||____6____|___24____|____38____|____5_____|______7_______||____6.5_ _|___24.5_ _|____38.5 __|____5.5 ___|_____7.5 ______||____7____|___25____|____39____|____6_____|______8_______||____7.5_ _|___25.5_ _|____40____|____6.5 ___|_____8.5 ______||____8____|___26____|____40.5 __|____7_____|_____9________||____8.5__ |___26.5_ _|____41____|_____7.5 __|_____9.5 ______||____9____|___27____|____42____|____8_____|_____10_______||____9.5__ |___27.5_ _|____42.5_ _|____8.5___|______10.5 ____||___10 ___ |___28____|____43____|____9_____|______11______||___10.5__ |___28.5_ _|____44____|____9.5 ___|_____11.5 _____||___11____|___29____|____44.5 __|___10_____|_____12_______||___11.5 __|___29.5_ _|____45____|____10.5 __|______________||___12____|___30____|____45.5_ _|____11____|______________||___12.5 _|___30.5_ _|____46____|____11.5 __|______________||___13____|___31____|____47____|____12____|______________||___13.5 __|___31.5_ _|____47.5_ |____12.5 __|______________||___14____|___32____|____48____|____13____|______________||___14.5_ _|___32.5_ _|____48.5__ |____13.5 __|______________||___15____|___33___ |____49____|____14____|______________||___15.5_ _|___33.5_ _|____50____|____14.5 __|______________||___16____|___34____|____51____|____15____|______________||_________|_________|__________|__________|______________||_________|_________|__________|__________|______________||_________|_________|__________|__________|______________|Snowboard and cross country boots fit the same way.If you are an aggressive skier, you should look for a front entry boot that is fairly stiff. A lot of sellers will tell you that it is for an agressive (advanced to expert) skier. An intermediate skier would probably improve with this boot, but may find a softer, mid-entry boot more comfortable. A rear entry boot is probably the most adjustable for comfort, and would be perfect for a beginner to intermediate skier.The most important thing with snowboard and cross country boots, outside the fit, is that they are compatible with the bindings, and the type of boarding/skiing that they plan to do.Snowboard bindings run the gamut. Clicker, Switch N and Switch X, Burton SIS (Step-In-System), Rossignol Step-In, regular freestyle bindings, hard carve bindings, etc. Depending on the binding, the boot will have a very stiff heel, or not. If you are a beginner, I would probably recommend a regular pair of freestyle bindings. Your boot choices will be much greater. As you improve, you will want to rethink your binding system, then your boots.XC boots have the same issues as snowboard boots. The bindings need to be compatible with the boots, and you need to determine what type of skiing you plan to do. There are basically 5 types of boots. Regular XC shoes/boots, Back Country boots, Skating boots, Randonee/AT boots, and Telemark boots. Then there are different binding types: NNN, NNN II, NNN BC, Salomon SNS, Salomon SNS Profil, 3 Pin 75mm Nordic Norm, 3 Pin 45mm Nordic Norm, and Telemark and Randonee bindings. Hopefully, you have found this information helpful.

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Buying A Putter

There is nothing more personal to a golfer than his or her putter is. Golfers of all levels live or die by their putting ability, and the choice of a putter is as much by personal preference of style, look and weight as it is by technology. There are, however, certain guidelines that can help you in your selection of a putter.Types of puttersThere are a number of basic types of putters.

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Tips on choosing a lightweight camping tent

This guide is primarily intended for use by those who are looking for a lightweight tent, although many of the following notes also apply to other tents.At first sight, a tent just seems to be a simple piece of kit that offers protection from the elements and an area for storage. But there's much to ponder over before parting with your hard earned cash!As with most backpacking gear, you should expect to pay a premium for lightweight kit, whatever it may be, and tents are no exception.Be honest about your reasons for wanting a particular tent - how often you intend to use it, where it will be used (UK or further afield?). You may want to think twice about that all singing, all dancing ultra lightweight model, if all you want use it for is for a few nights each summer in a nearby location. On the other hand, if you're thinking of planning an expedition to the Scottish Higlands (or even further afield), then you need to ensure the tent you choose be up to the task and as lightweight as pssible.So, "What's the best tent"?Well, how long is a piece of string? There's no "right" answer as there are to many variables to consider. Lots of factors come into play and a final decision is likely to involve a compromise involving price, weight, intended use, personal preference, durability etc.1) DESIGNOver the years, tent designs have become ever more complex with varying degrees of basic styles. Fortunately, they are all generally easy to pitch and derive from just 4 key design options. Most incorporate a waterproof outer (flysheet) and an inner tent with sewn-in groundsheet, although single-skin tents are available with breathable fabrics.GEODESIC. These offer excellent structural strength by way of intersecting poles to form a self-supporting structure with ample internal space.DOME. These are simple, popular, aerodynamic and stable. They are designed to shed wind, rain and snow.HOOP / TUNNEL. These are usually available in single, double and three-hoop styles, depending upon the size. These are excellent lightwieght tents with a low profile and plenty of room inside.RIDGE. This is the classic tent that most children draw - the A Frame tent. 2) SEASONSThe season rating of a tent should just be taken as a guide only as it becomes pretty irrelevant when you consider the context, weather and altitude you will likely encounter. Example: Camping in the far Northern Hemisphere at sea level in the Spring, is considerably more demanding than sea lea level in the Mediteranean in the Summer or Autumn. As with sleeping bags then, season ratings for tents should be only used as a very rough guide.3) ROOM

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Fake callaway x20

Just bought what seemed to be a 100% genuine set of callaway x20 golf clubsoff a ebayer with good feedback.Hey guess what? yes u guessed 100% fake set, put in a claim back for my cost of these clubs against paypal ( i aint crossing my fingers).I have had 100% positive feedback untill i bought these clubs, i left a neg against the seller so now i guess i'll get my first neg back, but i dont care about the neg i get back, as long as i put off potential buyers of people going to buy off this ebayer of counterfeit goods, dont know if i can put this ebayer names on here but if someone tells me i can i will. but the number of the item i bought is 320227686702, hope this helps others

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Making the right choice when buying a trampoline

This guide will hopefully assist you in purchasing the correct trampoline for your needs .We have all seen on the news the growing amount of obese children in the uk so nows the time to act on this and buying a trampoline could be the start of bringing this down. Trampolines are a great way for children and adults to keep fit. Trampolines provide an excellent cardiovascular workout which can improve overall fitness, muscle growth, self confidence breathing and lung capacity.Currently on ebay there are loads of people selling trampolines but choosing the right trampoline isnt an easy job. You need to ask yourself the following questions before buying one1. Who will be using it ?2. Where will the trampoline be located?3. What is your budget? (sometimes buying a cheaper trampoline will cost you more in the long run)4. How can you be sure your buying a safe trampoline5. What warranty you will recieve?6. Are spare parts ready available?1. Who will be using the trampoline?Will the trampoline be used by a child, if so, how old are they? and how old will they be in 5 years time?Although an 8ft trampoline is perfectly suitable for smaller children, if they're approaching double figures now they'll be in their mid-teens in just 5 years time! This means a 10ft or larger trampoline may be more suitable for you to allow space for your kids to grow. If your children are in their teens now (and you have the space available) a larger 10ft or 13ft trampoline may be more suitable.2. Where will the trampoline be located?The location for the trampoline is an all to often overlooked question when considering which trampoline to buy.Firstly, measure the space you have available in your garden or yard, trampoline sizes are still measured in imperial measurements (feet and inches) rather than metric (meters and centimetres) so you would be wise to take a note of the measurements in feet. Ensure you measure the width and depth of your garden so you know just how much space you can afford.Check for any over hanging branches or trees... it's amazing how many people forget to consider the height requirements when measuring their garden. You don't want to be jumping amongst the branches when you erect the trampoline and ideally you should avoid locating a trampoline beneath any height tree to avoid getting excess bird lime or tree sap on the trampoline.Check the lay of the ground - is the ground where you will locate the trampoline flat and level? It's not safe to erect a trampoline on a slope as the bouncer will bounce off the trampoline at an angle. If your garden is on a slight slope however it may be possible for you to "dig in" one side of the trampoline and have the other side lay flat on the ground.Make sure you allow clearance around the trampoline if you need it, we'd recommend at least 3ft clearance if you need to get past the trampoline to get to the bottom of the garden etc3. What is your budget?The choice is massive out there so be careful. Some sellers ( we cant mention who unfortunately) sell poor quality imported trampolines that i wouldnt let my worst enemy jump on!! Also some sellers clame to sell american style trampolines but again they are just imported from china!! We Only sell high quality trampolines at rock bottom prices. They are the same standard as the likes of toys r us etc sell for 5 times as much money!!4. How can you ensure the trampoline you purchase will be safe?Always purchase a trampoline with a full safety enclosure net unless you are sinking the trampoline into the ground. The safety net ensures the bouncer stays on the trampoline at all times. This is especially important for younger users who may not have the same fear or self control of an older user and could easily fall off the trampoline.All our trampolines conform to ASTM and GS TUV standards - Not to be confused with the EN-71 standard which some trampolines have - this relates to toys and trampolines are not toys! Children should be supervised AT ALL TIMES when using the trampoline - if you have a ladder to the trampoline we recommend removing it when playtime is over so the children know that the trampoline is "out of bounds" to them.Always read and follow the instructions and safety information in the owners manual!5. What Warranty is provided?

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The Best Flies

First of all, I don

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Further to guide written on Fake Bats

This is in response to a guide written by regarding Fake Bats being sold on eBay as well as throughsome sellerswebsite.I just like to commend this guy for writing this article and making innocent people aware of some cheating sellers who are making ordinary public fool and cheating them out of their hard earned cash.I agree with every thing he has written in that article and we (genuine seller) should get together to drive out those sellers who basically are fraud, I shall go as far to say we should ask trading standard authority to investigate those sellers for the benefit of general public.Reason I agree with him is that I import direct from the manufacturers in Indian and Pakistan as well as buy locally from Englishmanufacturers so I know how much it cost me to import after paying freight, custom duty and VAT.I once reported one guy to eBay who was selling MRF Genius for

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DIY GOLF GRIPS PUTTER Ping g10 Taylormade R9 irons wood

DEAR EBAYER LEARN HOW TO RE-GRIP YOUR OWN CLUBS HERE FOR FREE....There is a saying in Golf that if you replace tired worn out grips that it will save you 3-4 shots a round, now how many of us could do with that help.......Grips are reasonably inexpensive and you will find ALL the latest NEW models out there on EBAY at a fraction of the price you'd pay from your Club Pro or Golf Discount store.BUT MOST GOLFERS CONTINUE TO PAY A FORTUNE TO HAVE THEM FITTEDYOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF !!!HERE'S ALL YOU WILL NEEDA Stanley knife orchisel.A roll of double sided grip tape (usually supplied with grips bought from Ebay)A bottle of everyday white spirit (found for around

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Getting the right forks for your mountain bike

So your buying some new forks for your mountain bike. Remember, don't buy them for the sake of it: cheap forks (such as Zoom) will probably not even work!, forks with too much travel will make your bike not handle right, and the wrong size steerer tube will not fit.Always look for a creditable make (look for: Fox Forks, Marzocchi, Manitou and Rock Shox) when buying some new forks and always bare in mind what you will be using them for. Buying a XC fork for full-on downhilling is the worst thing you can do and the same goes visa-versa. Downhill forks have sometimes 200mm travel and try riding up a steep hill bouncing along on that! Remember with triple clamp forks, you cannot spin them all the way around so these are not ideal for dirt jumping.Forks come in all shapes and sizes. First of all, you need the right steerer tube size: you can choose from 1 1/8th and 1.5 inchs. 1 1/8th is the most common but manufacturers are now starting to use 1.5 tubes on their freeriding range (trek, iron horse etc.)Secondly, you need to make sure you have the right amount of travel for what you are going to use your fork for. Here is a rough guide for how much travel you should be using:XC: 80mm-130mm, Dirt Jumping: 100mm-130mm, Trials: Rigid, Downhill / Freeride: 150mm-200mm Thanks for reading my guide and I hope it was useful!

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Looks like I have been ripped off too!

I purchased two quads at the beginning of July through bikes2u_ltd for nearly

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A guide to Golf Equipment from Falcon Golf. FOR THE BEST DEALS ON EBAY FOR GOLF CLICK HERE Golf is a great game: sometimes rewarding, often frustrating but highly addictive. Getting started in it is actually not so difficult with the right golf equipment, and hopefully this article can help you avoid some of the pitfalls and point you in the direction of a lifetime of fun (and frustration). The very first steps. The biggest mistake by people wanting to start in golf is to rush out and buy a brand new set of shiny and expensive golf equipment While they are nice to look at you should keep in mind that today's golf equipment comes in great varieties to cater for different golfing types and abilities. Since you're just starting out you do not know which set of golf equipment fits you best. Just imagine the envious looks you get at the driving range when you come with your


Barefoot Benefits - Improving Hooves by Removing Shoes!

I have always put shoes on any horses I have had on loan or owned - well you have to, don't you? As with most people, I had gone through riding schools as a pony-mad girl, looked after other people's horses, worked for rides, had ponies on loan and also had 2 horses of my own (which I still have now). All of which were always shod on all 4 feet becauseI rode regularly, did fast work and on the roads.Many horse owners and riders believe that horseshoes are needed if horses are to be ridden. Some may accept they don't need shoes if ridden on soft ground but MUST have shoes if ridden on roads or rough terrain........................I now know this is not true!!!!My farrier often told me that shoes are a necessary evil (!), but I, and many others, firmly believe they are a UNnecessary evil! I personally, will never have shoes on any of my horses again, and feel strongly that barefoot is best. However, PLEASE do not let anyone pressurise you into taking shoes off your horse. It will only work if YOU want it to! As one 'barefoot person' once said "Contrary to common belief, all horses CAN go barefoot, but many owners can't!". It is not easy, it takes time, effort and commitment, but you will be repaid by a horse that is sure-footed, comfortable, and less likely to suffer concussion, laminitis, navicular, DJD, arthritis etc.Firstly, read, read and read! there are many good barefoot sites, just search for 'barefoot horse'. If possible, talk to someone who keeps their horse barefoot and rides the horse! There are some good barefoot forums where you can ask questions and get many good answers. Its important to be sure you want to give it a serious try, there's no point in putting shoes back on at the first sign of trouble!So, what is a barefoot horse?Most people's experience of barefoot horses is an old or retired horse who had his shoes removed when they stopped being ridden, and the farrier trims the feet every 3 or 4 months. The feet are therefore often in poor condition, flared, chipped and cracked - these ARE NOT healthy functioning barefoot feet. Many farriers will just do a pasture trim on a barefoot horse, basically what they do before they put a shoe on. A proper barefoot trim is much more involved and so creates a better hoof!Proper Barefoot TrimmingThere is a growing number of qualified barefoot trimmers in the UK. There are some associations that have lists of trimmers, but also many other good trimmers that haven't got formal qualifications but have read, studied and learnt how to do a good functioning trim. There are also owners like myself who have learnt to trim their own horses and now take on trimming a few others. The best advise is to research, find a local trimmer and ask to see references or chat to owners who have their horses trimmed by them. I personnally have found my own horses hooves to be my best adverts!Expect the hooves to be trimmed a maximum of every 6 weeks. You want to trim before the hoof becomes flared or overgrown. A good trimmer will also advise you about exercise, care and diet. I could talk about the trim for hours, but there are many sites that can explain it better than me! It is basically about balance, having an even amount of hoof wall around the sole, equal height and level heels, straight hoof walls, wide large frogs, bevelled hoof wall and healthy strong sole. But its not quite that simple!ExerciseMovement is the key! each time the hoof hits the ground, it increases blood flow, stimulating more hoof to be grown. Therefore, the more miles the horse does, the more the hooves grow to compensate for wear. This explians why hooves don't 'wear out' as many people fear! When you first remove shoes, its important to allow as much movement as possible. 24hr turnout is preferable with as much riding on a varied terrain as possible. Roadwork it particularly good for strengthening hooves as it it smooth and hard. It may take some time to build up to stoney ground.DietDiet is essential to allow a horse to work barefoot. Fortunately, the diet recommended for barefoot horse is also ideal for most horses, espeically those good doers or horse prone to laminitis. In simple terms, it is high fibre, low sugar, with essential vitamins and minerals. In an ideal world, horse would have unrestricted grazing of low quality scrubland with a wide variety of herbs and other plants for them to select as they need. Instead, many horses in the UK are kept in rather rich grass pastures or on restricted grazing paddocks (due to the rich grass pastures!!!!). Good quality hay is a useful addition is grass is restricted or in winter. Additional feeding may be required due to workload or restricted grass intake. I'd always recommend high fibre feeds such as low sugar/unmolassed chaffs or alphabeet/ unmolassed sugarbeet. There are also some good high fibre nuts and cubes. Remember, high fibre/low sugar.To support a healthy horse, and therefore healthy hooves, the horse needs a good intake of allround vitamins and minerals. There are many available, I personnally feed seaweed. I also feed other supplements to my 2 barefoot horses:Magnesium Oxide - can't recommend it enough. Excellent source of magnesium which most horses are deficient in. Good for strong hooves, reducing fat deposits, lowering risk of laminitis, and as a calmer.Barefoot Biotin - increases hoof growth and quality Rosehips - a good anti-oxident and rich in vitaminsSpearmint - tastes good! Encourages them to eat their feed and good for digestion.......I sell all of these and many other supplements in my storeGoing barefoot is something that has changed my life. I now trim several horses and sell Natural Horse Supplies. This all started one day whenI plucked up the courage to ask my farrier to take of Rummi's shoes and tell him I was going to trim him myself!If nothing else, finding out about barefoot will allow you to recognise a balance hoof and when it is well shod and not..............thats a start!Happy Riding!

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My diet

When I have put on a few pounds - perhaps after a holiday or over Christmas, here's what I do to get back in shape. No calorie counting, no portions to measure, no tastelessfoods.It'sa lowcarb eating plan combined withan exercise routine and plenty of water to drink.1. The mind set. I have to motivate myself. I think about what I want to achieve, and decide when I am going to start my new eating plan. I'm not going to 'diet'. That suggests that certain foods are 'banned'. I know that I can have any food I want but that I only deserve the food that is going to help me achieve my goal.No weighing scales (it's how I look and how things fit, not how much I weigh that's important), no counting calories (boring and demotivating), no portion sizing (I'm going to eat until I am almost full, not stuffed and never late at night). I don't tell anyone what I am doing, I'm doing this for me, and they are never going to guess when they see what I am 'allowed'!The aim is to eat well, stay hydrated,tolosefat without muscle wastage for a leanerer firm body.2. The sort out. I go through the cupboards and fridge chucking out the food that doesn't fit into my plan. I give myself a shelf to myself - for MY food. 3. Get water! Hydration is the key. it's SO important. I drink2 ltrs daily - no skipping on this. I can drink other no-calorie drinks for the next couple of weeks in addition.4 Go shopping! Hit the supermarket for lots of vegetables and salad stuff, fish, meat, bacon, seafood, eggs, tofu, quorn,chicken, cheese, mayonnaise, coleslaw,butter, italian dressing. Ichoose not to buy cream because I would just drink the whole carton,but Icould have a little in coffee if I wanted to.I don't buyanything containing more than 5g carbs per 100g. - I check on the nutritional values on the pack.This means no pasta, rice, potatoes, sugar, sweets,biscuits, cake, chocolate, desserts, ice-cream,sweetened drinks ( all common sense stuff really!)etc., Also no fruit, no milk no yoghurts, no 'low fat' or 'lite' options, no alcohol, no artificial sweetners. No cheatingotherwise the plan won't work and I'll be back tosquare one.5 Get my exercise routine sorted, At least 30 mins a day - ormore (much more!) if I can. I keep it varied - weight training, yoga, circuits, running, dancing, legs/tums/bums, pilates, aerobics, step etc. That way, I don't get bored. If I can afford it I buy some new trainers, if I am a bit hard up I get a new piece of inexpensivegymwear from the supermarket just to keep myself motivated. If I'm skint I go through my wardrobe and freshen up what's there. I take the stairs instead of thelift, I walk short journeys rather than take the car, I do sit ups and stretches in front of my favorite tv programmes,The exercise part of this plan is non negotiable. Even after thelean and toned shape is achieved I still keep up the exercise for general health and wellbeing.6. Get started. The idea is to eat lots and lots of fresh veg, a good amount of protein, a little fat, but as few carbs as possible (just until I look and feel the way I want to).I eat a full breakfast -something likeeggs bacon mushrooms tomatoes (no toast or hash browns of course) washed down with some black coffee. Lunch, well that can bea generous sizedchicken or cheese salad. I eat an early tea, maybe a bowl of prawns or just some lightly cooked vegetables with a knob of butter on. In between or if I feel peckish,there is water. To nibble on I can have some cheese or half an avocado. Obviously there areloads more meal choices to be had- I just use my imagination and stick to the rules. Eating out is a doddle - steak and salad, chicken kiev, seafood and stirfy...even burgers are ok if you skip the french fries andchuck away the soggy bun!I would not be able to stick to this regime however if I was a vegetarian because I think it would be too dreary. During waking hours, I don't go more than about 4 hours without eating something. Expensive? It doesn't have to be and there's no expensive booze, desserts, sandwichesor even fruit to buy. Healthy? Maybe, maybe not. Some might sayeating like this isbad ofthe kidneys or heightens cholesterol levels...butI just go by how I feel in myself - no mood swings, no lethargy, no bloated feeling, no flatulence,and magical inches loss without a sense of deprivation of the foods I enjoy.7. After about 3 days I don'tcrave any sugary things at all. I notice I have tons of energy and no mood swings. I don't feel bloated becauseI am not having pizza, pasta, rice, cakes biscuitsor bread. My body is hydrated and I am going to theloo a lot. I don't feel hungry because protein really fillsme up. I don't have towatch the portions - I can eat as much veg as I want and there's only so much protien and fat I fancy at one sitting. I only eat until I am comfortable - never full.If I get constipated I step upmywater intakeor take a mild laxative. 8. Once I feel I am back to size I want to be I slowly introduce a piece of fruit a day or a glass of wine at the weekend. I can continue to do this until I notice a few pounds creeping back on then I restrict myself again. And there you have it. That's what works for me. If you want to e mail me with coments please do, but no critics please -I am notseekingapproval! I have written this guide because my regime may be similar to an eating/exercise pattern that you too have found successful or you are looking for a way you think you can stick to in orderto trim down and shape up.Disclaimer.. I am not a nutritionalist and am not recommending this eating/ exerciseplan as being suitable to everyone. Before you dietand/or if youhavea large amountof weight to lose, you should consult your doctor. If you follow my plan you do so at your own risk.I do notany responsibility of any consequences which may occur to anyone who choses to follow it.Please help me climb the ratings board by giving this article a YES vote in the box below. It's free, annoymous and takes only a second. ThanksFurther reading - the Dr. Atkins diet book collection

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INTRODUCTIONI have been a avid cyclist and home mechanic for many years, but like most people, i only really took a passing interest in road bike fit. That was until i cycled across the USA last year. 8 hours a dayin the saddle forced me to look alot more deeply into exacty how to make your bike fit you for comfort and performance. This guide is the result of myresearch and experience and is meant toprovide you with starting point forroad bike fit.CRANK LENGTHBefore you adjust anything it



What Is It?LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 8527 is a great BIG BOY toy. Don't be foul by it's suitability for 10 years. 10-14 years is too young to handle such a gadget.What's In The Box?Mindstorms comes with it's brain called NXT, 4 sensors and 3 powerful servo motors. NXT has3 output ports for motors and5 input ports, 4 for it's sensors and 1 forusb port.There are around577 small and big pieces all together in the box. First robot can be made in 25-35 minutes out of box. All parts needed for this first robot are packed in a small box with START HERE label.Following is a summary of major parts etc.NXT is the mind of this gadget. It has usb and bluetooth connectivity functionality. Although Lego has not yet (as of 30 September 2006) released any software for mobile devices to control NXT but they are working on it. NXT has a little memory to save programms and sounds. Still it is quite enough but it could be better if there was more memory to store programms and sounds etc. There are loud speakers fitted on NXT but i don't know why Lego has called them loud speaks as it is very hard to hear any thing from them.Servo Motors are powerful motors. There are 3 in the box.These are the outputsfrom NXT. All programs are made to perform some actions by these servo motors. For example walking of robot, grabbing objects.Ultrasonic Sensor as the name suggests works like a radar. It measures to distance from itself to any object at front. Thisenable ititto SEE.Touch Sensorfeels if something is touched. Basically there is a button at the front of sensorwhich can be programmed to react if it is pressed or once released after being pressed.Light Sensor can differentiate between colors, light and darkness.Sound Sensor can react if it listen to any sound atalevelofnoise setby programmer.Software is provided on a CD in the box. You can connect your NXT using a USB cable (provided) orBluetooth. If you decide to use Bluetooth you need to make sure your operating system is Windows XP Home or Professional edition with Service Pack 2 installed. You can use USB connection without Service Pack 2 installed on your machine. There is some introduction to this software available in manuals but it is not enough. Althoughhelp is available through the software itself once installed. It is nota complicated software but it offersto go beyondbasic programming. Overall it's a great toy. It is a time consuming practice to build tiny bits into a shap which performs some actions. There is no limit of what can be made of these tiny pieces and what it can be programmed to do, but it needs practice and time. More robots you make more you are able to design your own. If you are planning to buy it for a under 15 years old child make sure there is some one to help the child for building and programming. Tip For StorageThere are about 70 different kinds of tiny bits and pieces in this box. The best way to sort them out is using some small boxes with different size compartments. I am using the same boxes used for DIY bits and pieces. You can buy them for around a couple of pounds from Tesco. Make sure you don't buy boxes which has compartments on both sides as you'll have to shut one side to open other, it is always hassel to do so when you are concentrating on your robot.

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Golf clubs,What you need at any level, and spot fakes.

Hi, I work as a Golf Advisor my job is to advise people what they should be buying at the level they are at, My handicap at date of this guide is 6 working to 4 so that I may eventually become Pro (Not a circuit pro but a coach/trainer). However even those better then me including scratch golfers ask me what they should be doing. In other words I know how it should be done, I just can't do it yet, that probably counts for a fewof us out there.When you are buying clubs there are many factors to look in to. Ebay is a great sauce for clubs and decent prices...HOWEVER many are fakes, heres some tips to make sure you're getting what you thought you were. Then after i'll help you chose what would be best for you at your level of play.1You should contact buyers and ask them questions to verify that the club is genuine, ask them questions as to 'Why it is so cheap?', 'What shaft does it have?', 'Is the pictures you are showing the club I am buying?' ask as many as you want, if it is a genuine seller, selling a genuine club they won't care how much you ask them, if they get touchy then there is a reason.2 If the offer looks to good to be is. Or police are looking for the item you're buying.3. Second hand clubs should never be looked down upon, mostly these are genuine clubs with low or no use, a second hand Sasquatch or R7 goes for about

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I have been using Flies bought from and tied by Sam over the last two seasons and have had repeated success time and again using his wet fly patterns, I have found that his patterns are perfect for my top of the water style of fishing in the far North of Scotland and I have the utmost confidence in the hooking ability and quality of the Flies that I have received from this trusted Ebay member

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FAKE X 20 Callaway

I bought a set of X20 callaways on Ebay and yes they are fake. The seller had great reviews but after one round, the shaft in the 3 iron splintered (its graphite). Sent to callaway for repair and they confirmed its a fake. you haveNO recourse. Be aware when buying clubs on ebay. The chinese website -hygolf.cnis where they are coming from I suspect. The pictures are the same. Very annoyed buyer.

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Fake Multicompound Golf Pride Grips - How to spot them.

The biggest shame aboutall guides from Englandis that it only gets seen in England!!Afew easy ways to spot fakeGolf Pride grips :New multi compounds are very tacki the fakes are notDifferent shades of the true colours, normally a shade lighter.No serial numbers on the inside of the grip at the small end.Less cord in the top half of the grip.Ebay is flooded with the product especially from Singapore at the moment.Look at the Golf Pride Logo in white at the thin end of the grip, ifthe White Golf Pride logois not locatedin the middle between the small black indentation marks i.e. closer to one end than the other then its a fake. See layouts below:Genuine In the Middle: - Golf Pride -Fake White Logo Offset: - Golf Pride -Below is afew fake sets !!! Look closely at the offset Golf Pride Logo in the green, Red

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Click here to see our ''Creatine'' products. Creatine is the most popular and commonly used sports supplement available today. There are numerous studies backed by anecdotal evidence that support the efficacy of creatine supplementation. For the majority of the population, including both elite athletes and untrained individuals, creatine supplementation increases fat free mass and improves anaerobic and possibly aerobic performance. While the effectiveness of creatine is well known, the most effective way to take creatine is not known. In order to design an "optimal" cycle for creatine, a number of factors must be considered. ALRI CR2 CREATINE IS CURRENTLY THE MOST POTENT AND EFFECTIVE ON THE MARKET TODAY!!What Is Creatine? A French scientist discovered creatine in 1835. Creatine is a natural constituent of meat, mainly found in red meat. Creatine is manufactured naturally in the body from the amino acids glycine, arginine, and methionine. This process takes place in the kidneys, liver, and pancreas. Approximately 40% of the body's creatine stores are free creatine (Cr), while the remaining 60% is stored in form of creatine phosphate (CP). The typical male adult processes 2 grams of creatine per day, and replaces that amount through dietary intake and fabrication within the body. Creatine is used for the resynthesis of ATP. ATP, or adenosine triphosphate, is the "power" that drives muscular energetics. When a muscle is required to contract, the bonds in the ATP molecule are split, yielding ADP (adenosine-diphosphate). The energy released by breaking this bond powers the contraction of the muscle. When ATP is depleted within the cell, the cell can no longer contract. There are several methods by which the body rebuilds ATP. The fastest method, without oxygen, is through CP. Creatine phosphate is "split" to yield the phosphate portion of the molecule. This phosphate portion bonds to the ADP, turning it back to ATP. Once CP stores within the cell are depleted, the body must use other methods to replenish ATP. Supplementation with creatine increases Cr and CP within the muscle, allowing further capacity to regenerate ATP. In other words, the creatine enhances the ability of the muscle to maintain power output during brief periods of high-intensity exercise. The periods are brief because the ability of a cell to store CP is limited, therefore the body will quickly move to other methods of replenishing ATP. The majority of studies regarding creatine supplementation have used creatine monohydrate, the form of creatine bound to a water molecule. Some studies suggest that the combination of creatine and carbohydrate will enhance absorption or "uptake" of creatine. Science shows that creatine is unstable in liquid form, meaning that serum or liquid delivery systems are currently not supported by scientific literature. The creatine rapidly degrades to creatinine, which is not useable by the body. There is very little support for the notion that creatine in any type of mixture, including an effervescent mixture, is absorbed more efficiently by the body. A company known as Albion Laboratories, Inc. claims to have found an effective delivery mechanism by chelating creatine to magnesium (a chelate is an organic compound that is typically absorbed more readily by the body than individual elements). What Is The Most Effective Creatine Dose? Effective doses will be examined later in this article. Current studies tend to follow a very standard protocol: 20 g / d for 5 - 7 days ("loading phase") 5 g / d for remainder of cycle ("maintenance phase") A more customized approach is to determine dose based on mass. A common formula is: 0.3 g / kg / d for 5 - 7 days 0.03 g / kg / d for remainder of cycleThus, an individual weighing two-hundred (200) pounds would require 200 lb * (1 lb / 2.2 kg) * 0.3 g = 27 grams per day for the loading phase, then 2.7 grams per day for the maintenance phase. Calculate this for yourself below. It is known that creatine supplementation increases intramuscular creatine stores. To base creatine dose on total weight, therefore, seems inaccurate. A 200 lb individual with 20% body fat would have less lean mass than a 200 lb individual with 8% body fat. We hope you find this information useful..... HAPPY TRAINING!!



Stills taken from our 'puncture repair'instructionalDVD which is available for


The economy of the truth and paypal's involvement

I listed some items in mid March and when they completed this one american guy had bought two of them in one go. I was pleasead and offered him discounted single item shipping rates. He said he wanted them expressed shipped at any cost so I got him a fair but reflective price for shipping 3kg to USA in 4 days and he said I was trying to rob him so I sent him the link to the shipping website and said it was actual rate. Then he went silent for TWO weeks during which I asked repeatedly to pay up or say he was not interested. I knew I was going on holiday at the beginning of April so I said he must pay by then or its all off. he paid on the mornring I was flying out and said he wanted his stuff dealt with pronto!! No can do at such a late hour! When I got back I contacted him and shipped the stuff ASAP. HE then complained to Paypal saying I had taken four weeks to turn them around!! They found in his favour and he continued to say they had not been shipped or received. When asked for proof I faxed them ths customs and shipping forms with all the right numbers and stamps (what more can you ask for?). They took one look at it and ignored me. Later I find he has won the dispute and paypal have blocked ME!! I tracked the items and he has them but is denying it and paypal say it must be trackable (!?!?!?! which it is, was and the stuff is with him!?!?!). Sonow this guy has the items, the money and paypal have blocked me on the strength of this lying barefaced thief. So my advice is when you say three days mean three days for payment but when paypal say trackable they obviously have a SPECIAL list of companies they agree with and others they ignore. Make sure you are using one of their chosen ones!! Oh! and avoid a guy in Florida called Owen Igbinoba as he knows damn well what he is doing and is very good at lying and playing tough and denying received items which HE HAS SIGNED FOR!!!

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Be careful when buying used climbing gear.

I only say this as some of the descriptions of gear are very sketcher.Only buy if you really know what your after,or the seller sounds like he knows what he,s on about.I,ve made many good purchases and long may this continue.

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Hooking Up Tow Ropes, Harnesses, and Tubes

Hooking Up Tow Ropes, Harnesses, and TubesWhat you need to know about hooking up Tow Ropes and Ski Tubes!Ok, this may seem basic, but there are lots of different kind of boats out there and various options of how to hook them up to ski tube tow ropes. The first place to start is to make sure that youuse a dedicated tubetow rope foryour Ski tube, our ropes will support up to a three man tube are fully floating and have factory installed loops at each end. We even have colour chioces!Now take that appropriate ski tube tow rope and loop it through the eye on the end of the ski tube and back through itself. Some ski tubes have plastic quick connects on them to attach to the eye in the end of the line. For ski tubes like these pass the eye in the end of the line through the hole in the center of the quick connect and then loop the top of the eye around the sides. Here is a picture of this done properly. With the heavy duty tow rope you will have to twist it as you try to push it through, but it will go!Now the line is ready to be attached to the boat. If you boat is less then 10 years old and is NOT an outboard you most likely have a ski ring. It may be on a pole or attached to the back of your boat. Here is a picture of what one looks like.If you have one just pass the loop through the ring and the pull the top of the eye down over the sides and your all set to go. If you boat is over 10 years old or you do have an outboard engine you most likely do not have a ski ring. Instead you will have two lifting eyes on either side of the back of your boat. You will need a tow harness/bridle to attach to these points with clips. You can then loop the end of the tow line through the quick connect on the harness just like you did with the quick connect on the boat tube above.Notice we never used a knot to complete either of these set ups. Knot are bad as they weaken the strength of the line by as much as 80%!

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THE TER SYSTEM FOR CHECKING STOLEN TRAILERS DOES NOT WORK!There is not enoughco-ordination nor co-operation between:1. The police and TER.2. TER and trailer manufacturers.3. Trailer manufacturers and both 1.


How To Buy A Driver/Fairway Wood

Woods are mainly used for longer shots in golf. Drivers are most often used off the tee, although more advanced players may choose to use a driver off the fairway when extra distance is required. A fairway or metal wood can also be used off the tee if the hole is narrow and requires a little more of a precision shot, or if the hole is shorter and you don't need all the distance that a driver may provide. Fairway and metal woods also are used for a wide variety of "utility" shots, including tight lies in the rough, or in fairway bunkers where you need more distance to get to the green, but need enough loft to get the ball in the air quickly.There are 3 main aspects to finding the right Driver/Fairway for yourself : Ability Level, Shaft and LoftDetermining your ability level o The low-handicap golfer o The mid-handicap golfer o The high-handicap golferThe low-handicap golferA low-handicap player has a single-digit handicap, meaning he or she generally scores less than 10 strokes over par, or an 82 or less on a par-72 course. * Woods o The low handicap player should carry a driver and at least 1 fairway wood, most likely the 3-wood * Irons o The low handicap player will benefit from lower irons in his bag, because the 3- or 4-iron is a difficult club to hit but can be very useful if it can be controlled * Wedges o A minimum of 3 wedges--pitching wedge, sand wedge, and either a lob wedge or approach wedge--in their bags, with a maximum 4-degree difference between each oneThe mid-handicap golferThe mid-handicap golfer plays "bogey golf," meaning his or her score averages out to 1 over par on each hole, or somewhere in the 11-20 handicap range. * Woods o In addition to the driver and a 3-wood and a 5-wood, consider adding a 7-wood or even a 9-wood. These fairway woods give much better control and consistency than the harder to hit long irons. * Irons o Usually only a 3 through 9 are recommended, since the 2- iron is very difficult to hit consistently * Wedges o Three different wedges are recommended - pitching wedge, sand wedge, and either a lob wedge or approach wedgeThe high-handicap golferThe high-handicap golfer is either a beginner or has not had the time to hone his game to reach the mid-handicap level. The high-handicapper usually shoots close to or over 100. Woods o You may not even want to have a driver in your bag. Instead, go with the 3-wood as your off-the-tee wood and add the easier-to-hit 7- and 9-woods. Wedges o Up to 3 wedges-- pitching wedge, sand wedge, and either a lob wedge or approach wedge--should be carried

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FAKE ALERT Taylor Made CGB Max Fairway Woods

Yes, OK, I admit it, I fell for one of the fake club scams. So, I want to share my experience with others so they do not fall foul of similar scammers on eBay.A lot has been said about fake golf clubs in other guides that I read (too late) here, so just a couple of things to pick out from them, and add to myself:- 1 - check ALL feedback from seller to ensure it is recent, as a seller of similar items and not from similar profile IDs (i.e. low feedback or recent setup) 2 - think of why you were drawn to the auction. Normally too good a price to be true? This is normally the case and will prove to be TOO good to be a true (genuine) club. 3 - start a dialogue with the seller, ask for better pictures, check the website of the manufacturer of the club(s) you are buying and see if they have a fraud/fake page to help identify them. 4 - ignore the location the ID is supposed to be selling from and record the times that questions are replied to, very early in the morning would suggest a different timezone (China). This will not always help as some websites/companies ( are now drop shipping straight from their warehouses. The guy I bought from was supposed to be in Scotland, but his English was terrible and he answered his emails at around 4 in the morning. 5 - Taylor Made fairway woods do NOT come with a wrench. 6 - ALWAYS pay via PayPal or other methods that have some protection associated with them.I bought a Stiff shafted CGB Max 3 wood which has a shaft like warm toffee.Suggestions on how can this problem can be eradicated:- 1 - better verification of people's locations before they are allowed to sell 2 - there should be NO private listings, so other people can be identified and warned off buying fakes. A recent batch of fakes has been sold by another ID (could be the same seller) but had private listings so the potential buyers could not be warned. 3 - auctions for fake items are cancelled by eBay once either an ID closed or there is a hint of foul play. Once again, it would be more useful if they were left open so all those people scammed could band together and claim together. I took great care in bookmarking the auctions of the other items sold by this scammer but they are all now withdrawn, so I cannot get in touch with the the buyers. 4 - it would be useful to have a way of flagging up potential fakes to eBay (or other buyers) via an anonymous contact point in eBay.I am following my claim up with PayPal at the moment, hoping to get a positive result.

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Fake Titleist Pro V1 Balls

As a seller ofauthentic products Ialways look for value on Ebay and sometimes purchase items if I can get them at the right price.Today I received delivery of 4 dozen FAKE Titleist Pro V1 Golf balls. This is my first encounter of this and want to point out the differences thatwere pretty obvious to meto say the least.The packaging was not the correct colours with the Bronze colour of genuinepackaging being replaced with a shiny light gold colour. The packaging was also very lightweight whereas the genuine is of high quality heavy weight card. The packaging all looks a bit bashed and bruised as if to try and tone it down.The balls themselves were obvious fakes and the following list will make it easy for anyone to spot even ifthey are a non-golfer buying as a gift.1. Genuine2007/2008 balls have no join line - the fakeshad and looked like two half balls stuck together. 2006 Genuine balls have an equator linebutif any Pro V1 looks as if it is joined together it is fake.2.The dimples on genuine balls are all of similar size - the fake balls had dimples of varying sizes.3. Genuine balls have a soft white cover - the fakes are madeof a hard, bright white shiny plastic that side by side with a genuine ball is glaringly obvious.4. Go and have a look, there are some great closeups of the genuine articles.5. The printing on the balls is of a smaller size than the genuine balls and again when compared to an original is totally inferior.6. Genuine Titleist Balls cannot be sold for a ridiculously cheap price unless they are stolen or fakes.They are sold, however,at not much above cost as it is a product that golfers probably spend more money on in their lifetimethan clubs especially at the premier end of the ball market. I for one use at least 2 balls each round and play 4-5 times a week so it soon mounts up. By offering the best value

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1st stop - pole reviews

Buying a Dance/Fitness pole - Reviews and GuidesThere is a dizzying array of poles now on the market, and very little to guide the user in the direction of the appropriate pole for their needs. So we decided to write a pole review, and guide to buying poles. A number of the most popular poles on the market have been reviewed, and we will be adding more as time goes on. Pole dance/fitness is a relatively new exercise phenomenon, but one that it is fast taking hold and sweeping the globe. Pole parties and classes are now available all over the world, and an increasing number of men and women are taking up this rewarding and challenging form of exercise. More and more men and women are buying their own poles for home use to continue the work they have learned in classes, or just for the fun of having their own pole.The reviews below are not my personal opinions, they have been written by men and women who pole dance for fun and fitness, and have first hand experience of these poles. We hope you find them helpful. Poles are listed in alphabetical order.My thanks to the members of the Vertical Dance Pole Fitness forums for their reviews and comments.Alistage Polestar Suitability: beginners to advanced Fixed/Removable: Removable One/Two Piece: One piece pole Finish and Grip: Stainless steel - good grip, 51mm can sometimes cause a problem with small hands. Ease of installation: Very easy, however because of the small plate at the top, the screw in the top can sometimes come through the plate and cause a hole in the ceiling (what happened to mine anyway) Static/Spinning: Static pole however you can get them spinny.Alistage Polestar Plus Suitability: beginners to advanced. It will take my weight quite comfortably (200 pounds), even when learning moves like the cross knee release, where the centre of gravity is way off centre for longer than perhaps it should beFixed/Removable: Removable One/Two Piece: One piece, with 16" long adjustable extension at the top. Finish and Grip: Ground finish stainless steel. Grip is good, but might be better if it were polished. 51mm diameter. Ease of Installation: Piece of cake. Comes with detailed instructions. Height adjustment needs a bit of trial and error, and it's easier with an assistant. Static/Spinning: Static. Comments: In use, this is the same as the standard Polestar reviewed above, the only difference being that it has a greater range of height adjustment, so good if you are going to different venues (you'd need a van though, due to it being one-piece) and installation is slightly more complicated.Aradia Standard (1 1/2 inch) and Classic (2 inch) Suitability: beginners to advancedFixed/Removable: removable One/Two Piece: one piece Finish and Grip: Brass. VERY grippy...but very susceptible to humidity/heat conditions Ease of Installation: quite easy Static/Spinning: static Comments: I believe they are between $300 and $500 CAD.Lil Minx Coloured Poles Suitability: beginners to advanced Fixed/Removable: Fixed/semi removable One/Two Piece: one piece Finish and Grip: powder coated steel which makes it very grippy for inverting, climbing and posing on the pole but spins can be difficult. It can also leave really bad pole burn based on the material Ease of Installation: easy, but you will probably need some help as it is one piece and you have to find the stud and drill into it Static/Spinning: static Comments: The poles range in colour and start at about $270 USD and go up to around $500 USD and custom poles are available.Lil Minx Stainless Steel Poles Suitability: beginners to advanced Fixed/Removable: Fixed/semi removable One/Two Piece: one piece Finish and Grip: polished stainless steel finish which makes it great for spins and inverts but can be difficult for some advanced static poses especially if your hands are sweaty. Regular use should roughen up the surface and improve grip over time. Ease of Installation: easy, but you will need a stud finder, a drill, and a ladder to install the ceiling mounting fixture. An additional person to help is also beneficial. Static/Spinning: Pole can be purchased in static only or a static/spinning version. Comments: The poles start at about $270 USD for the non-spinning version and go up to around $350 USD for the static/spinning version.Peek a booSuitability: Adult novelty only. Fixed/Removable: friction mounted-removable One/Two Piece: Three pieces Finish and Grip: Chrome plated Ease of Installation: easy Static/Spinning: static Comments: This pole is a novelty and should be treated as such, it does not appear to be designed to take much lateral force therefore should be used for only walking around. This pole is not suitable for moves such as spinning, climbing, or inverting. It should not be bought for any use other than erotic play.Platinum Stages One Piece "Super Pole" (with ceiling adapter)Suitability: beginners to advanced. This pole is sturdy and will support your weight for any tricks or inverts. It can be used on a flat ceiling or you may buy an adapter for a vaulted ceiling.Fixed/Removable: RemovableOne/Two Piece: One PieceFinish and Grip: Stainless SteelEase of Installation: Scale of 1(easy)-10 (hard), 4. We have a vaulted ceiling so some initial drilling was involved. Day to day installation, 1Static/Spinning: Both, has pinComments: The cover at the bottom can be awkward. No big deal because you can just slide the cover off but that leaves it looking a little "less pretty". The ball joints have creaked ever since I received it. Grease may help this but I think that may make more mess than it is actually worth.Platinum Stages Multi-piece Super Pole Suitability: beginner to advanced Fixed/Removable: removable, friction mounted One/Two Piece: Three pieces Finish and Grip: stainless steel Ease of Installation: easy Static/Spinning: both Comments: This pole is suitable for all applications, can be permanently mounted by purchasing additional mounts. Easy to put, more challenging to take down, strap wrenches are an order. Very easy to switch from spinny to static.X Pole 45mm chromeSuitability: beginners to advancedFixed/Removable: Removable and portableOne/Two Piece: Several piece pole, but very sturdy. Finish and Grip: Finish is chrome, and due to the 45mm diameter, suitable for small hands and increased grip. Ease of installation: Very easy as long as you find the beam and have a ladder! Static/Spinning: Static and spinning, very easy to switch between both!Comments: Height is adjustable, and further adjustment can be made by buying extension pieces.X Pole 50mm Chrome Suitability: beginners to advanced Fixed/Removable: Removable and Portable One/Two Piece: Multi-pieces depending on ceiling height plus the dome and base. Finish and Grip: Chrome. This finish can be a little trying for people who suffer from sweaty hands. It is really slippy when you start but the grip improves a lot when the pole gets heated. Very easy to clean and maintain. Ease of Installation: Fairly easy depending on ceiling height, much easier when you have a partner help you. Static/spinning: both, and very easy to switch from one to the other Comments: Pro's: Can be taken down and easily stored and transported, offers both spinny and static, does not require drilling into ceiling or floor, SUPER sturdy! Adjustable height.Cons: Cannot be used on vaulted ceilings, can be a bit slippery at times if you have sweaty hands. In the U.S. this pole goes for around $279.00 plus shipping and handling (UK approx

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How to spot a fake Reebok NFL jersey

Unless you buy from or the teams proshop,we think of good old eBay and hey everyone likes a bargain don't they?, you are going to come into contact with the bootleg jersey. Some are obvious and others are so good that even Reebok admit that they can't tell the difference. eBay is a wonderful place for a bargain and so it attracts counterfeiters.That being said I believe that most of the UK based sellers are not sure of what they are selling. Reebok does not import the Authentic jerseys and so we don't see them in the stores and therefore have no idea what to look for and up until a few months ago I was one of those unknowing fans. In a few short months I have undergone a master-class of jersey collecting and spotting from our American cousins.I have been caught out by people I trusted and have fake jerseys in my wardrobe which I bought as genuine. I don't want to debate the rights and wrongs of counterfeiting products. We all know it's against the law.So, firstly then.PriceMost Authentic jerseys in retail stores cost $200 to $250 on average. That's

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SIDOZEY and eBay !!!

I am one of the victims of SIDOZEY's eBay Scam after buying two jackets. Here lies the problem. If everyone went and reported it to the police then there would be no individual investigations. You need to put the pressure on eBay fraud dep't so they can bulk report it ( File a dispute ) With their liaison and clout then the Police would probably launch an investigation. I believe that eBay should accept the blame and compensate all those who have been scammed. Let's see how good their customer relations really are !!!! I ended up sending postal orders ( what was I thinking !! ) to 26A York Street, London made out to a Peter DAWOOD. eBay have alowed this seller to remain knowing that there was already a scam used in 2007. Are they to blame ? Yes I think so. Is it our fault for buying what we believed to be as legitimate bargain on their website ? No after all it is eBay and that's what it is all about.I have also received over 3000 e-mails from eBay telling me not to trust SIDOZEY. They are still being sent at about 1 every 5 seconds. Thanks eBay !! How about you give me my

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Thinking of buying an electric bicycle?

I purchased an electric bike from an ebay seller 123 scooter and I have had nothing but trouble with the thing and 123 scooter. The initial purchase took place on 23 Sep 07; I rode the bike six times in a month and it packed up on me, leaving me stranded on top of a local mountain.My first contact with 123 scooter was not promising as they said it was theyre supplier I had to deal with and not them; when I insisted that the contract of buyer and seller was to do with me and "them" they pulled theyre horns in slightly...They went on to say that I had to pay the return costs of the bike and I had no other option in the matter; You guessed it when I dug my heels in they said they would pay the return carriage (they wanted

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FAKE Golf Clubs - NIKE Sumo Drivers

Hello,Just a guide really as we are concerned about the number of Fake Nike items appearing on Ebay!! Obviously everybody as a consumer is out for a bargain but some bargains are just too good to be true! Some people may think that a fake item will do the job anyway and looks the same, in the golf industry this is generally not the case. The reason being that the fake manufacturers are not using the correct materials in both the club head and the shaft. This does make a huge difference!!Now, we will be honest with you. Nike Sumo Drivers for 2007 have a trade price of

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Kappa AS Roma Fake Shirt Guide (With Pictures)

Kappa AS Roma Fake Football Shirt Guide One of the best things about Ebay is the ability to buy football shirts that aren't readily available in this country, and possibly get them on the cheap. However, there are literally hundreds of merchants peddling fake football shirts, mainly out of Asia, with Italy's AS Roma proving a popular target for the fakers. Given that Roma haven't actually won anything since season 2001/2002 and only boast one Superstar player on their books, however since Kappa implemented their slim fit designs, with Roma being one of the teams used to spearhead this new look (coincidentally around the time the team won Serie A) Roma shirts have remained popular for fashion reasons, with the team's next kit supplier Diadora following a similar path in terms of shirt design.As someone who genuinely follows Roma, I always try to get my hands on at least one of their strips each season. However, finding shops that stock them isn't the easiest thing to do in Scotland, as they aren't even the third biggest club to hail from Italy (quite ironic this season seeing as the wake of the match fixing scandal has rendered them one of the title contenders) and I can't afford to fly to Rome every year just to buy a football shirt, so I've taken to browsing the Internet to fulfill my wants. While websites like Subside or Kitbag are very good sources of football gear, once again Roma aren't exactly a priority, so I've bought several shirts from less than trustworthy sources, some of them on this site. Now, I'm not going to preach to you about not buying fake shirts because it 'hurts the club', we all know football strips are ridiculously overpriced, however, asides from the obvious factors that the fakers have a habit of getting details wrong, which means you could end up with a shirt that just makes you look silly to anyone who's seen the real thing, though this has been a factor reduced in importance drastically over the past few years, with these fake shirts being lightyears away from the tat they used to sell in markets on the continent, they feature stitching, similar materials, and in many cases could actually pass for the real deal to anyone who hasn't seen the real thing up close. However, these Roma, and any of the Kappa/Diadora fakes, have a certain drawback that your regular fake shirts don't. The 'Meryl' material they are made of actually has many uses practically for the person who intends to use their shirt to play in, none of which transfer onto their fakes. From personal experience I've always found these shirts to be light, yet warm, and easily the best at sweat absorbing, not to mention their stretchy material designed to allow movement even when the shirt is being pulled. I'll adress the differences later in the article, but first I thought I'd use some first hand experience and examples to try and help people spot the fakes.Season 2002 - 2003Now, these shirts were, and still are, icredibly popular due to their simplistic and smart design, and are often available for sale with or without the Mazda sponsor. However, alarm bells should start ringing when you see a seller selling a 'brand new' version of one of these shirts 3 years after they went out of production. It's worth noting a lot of the sellers will label the shirts whatever the current season is, though this doesn't necessarily indicate a fake, it can just be a seller trying to be smart. The way to spot a fake is all in the details.Now, to all extents and purposes, this shirt looks convincingly real in a picture like this, doesn't it? (although it's also worth noting that many sellers from Asia have a very professional looking picture of the shirt on a dummy, I would actually be less trusting of a seller with such a picture) And given that this is the distance many pictures of shirts from your average seller is taken from, how can you tell? First of all, use the 'Ask Seller A Question' feature to ask for some pictures of specific areas. The CrestIt's stitched fairly nicely you might think, but compare it these badges, from the Home and Third shirts for that year, which features the same layout and design, only in different colours:As you can see, the official badge (the one on the home shirt was purchased from the AS Roma shop in Rome)is far more complex in terms of stitching, feature 2 distinct textures and much larger ASR characters. Now, I'm fully aware that such things as B-Grade shirts exist, these are shirts which have a minor imperfection, and they often retail for around the same price as the fake shirts, they should not be confused with them. To clear up the badge issue, here is a picture of the badge from a B-Grade Roma Away Champions League shirt from the same year:While not as easy to make out, there is a difference between this and the above badge, the stitching of the badge to the shirt. On the B-Grade it appears 'Stitched on' as opposed to 'stitched into'. Shown here is the sponsor from the fake shirt, it's a heavier, fuzzier material that actually sticks out from the shirt. This may not raise many eyebrows on its own, given that this is a common way of applying sponsors to football shirts, however compare it to the one from the AS Roma shop purchased home shirt:You'll notice that the sponsor is printed on with a thin plastic so that it almost seems one with the shirt. This makes the shirt noticably lighter and reduces sweating around the stomach area where the sponsor covers.While it's impossible to show, and incredibly tough to tell at all via photographs, but the fake shirts aren't made of the same light, lycra derivative as the real shirts, meaning that not only don't they stretch, but they are heavier, and make you sweat more than absorb it as the Kappa shirts do so well. The only way of telling this, and this applies to many fake shirts in general, is to ask for pictures of the labels from inside the shirt. Very few actually have labels on the inside. What also helps in identifying fake Kappa shirts is a small label on the outside of the shirt which has the shirt's size written on one side and 'GARA' on the other. The fake shirt simply has 'GARA' written on both sides, and doesn't feature the shirt size anywhere.I hope I've given those looking for Kappa AS Roma shirts on Ebay a good idea of what to look for when differentiating between fake and real, however I thought I'd finish with a list of general tips you might want to take in the search for real shirts:Don't trust sellers from Asia, especially Thailand. This one is obvious, even the press have picked up on this, buying from these countries is risky, so if you choose to do it you can't blame anyone else. It can be quite patent that some users feedback high feedback is achieved via less than honest means, so even such sellers with high feedback shouldn't be totally trustedIf you see a seller offering a recent football shirt 'still tagged' for around

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magic motion ,buyers be warned

Im writing another review as the first one i wrote must not have been good enough because im still seeing stupid people bidding on these scooters and winning ,dont they look at the feedback of this seller ,dont they look at reviews or have they got lots of money to waste if they have throw it my way as im

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Sellers - Be Careful When Accepting Offers!

Just a quick word to all sellers out there who allow Best Offers.I've found that some people try to trick you when putting in offers, taking advantage of how Ebay displays the offer information.When an offer comes in, the main focus of the screen shows you a TOTAL of the offer, not an individual price.For example, you have a football shirt listed at

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Hiking Poles. A not too definitive guide.

The purpose of this guide is toadvise in the selection of Hiking Poles so that you have an informed choice and be able to sort through the wonderful sales information.We start with the concept of Poles their uses and benefits. The use of Hiking Poles is not new as we have been using and selling them for the last 15 years. Theyhavenot been introduced for the the elderly despite the obvious benefits for them. End users range from casual day walkers to altitude mountaineers. The main benefits of Hiking Poles is reduced body stress and the arms can be used to transfer loads to the poles wether that be on the uphill, downhill or on the flat. When using rucksacks you gain a higher center of gravity and also less stability. This problem get worse as the terrain steepens or gets rougher. As well as reducing the physical body stress the use of Hiking Poles will also help us regain this stability and control. When all said Hiking Poleshave many other uses being the construction of wind breaks and shelters for meal breaks,crossingstreams with slippy rocks are only a few practical examples. Poles are best used in pairs.Nordic PolesNordic walking walking poles tend to be lighter single or two section.The walker does not need to grip the pole at all, it travels via the strap/glove. A true nordic walking pole does not havethe usual hikinggrip that flares at the bottom of the hand, as that hampers releasing the grip at the back of each arm swing. Flared bottom grips are used in trekking poles where the hiker may bear down on them. Nordic walking grips are usually streamlined and very narrow. The following relates to materials used in your choice of Pole and its merits.MaterialsHandles:A lot of choice of the types of handles is available Starting with:Foam- This type is very comfortable to hold and is great on the cold and wet days as it feels warmer. This is not to say it cannot be used during warmer periods but hands will be a little bit more sweaty. There is a difference between the types of foam being used. Softer foam is lower grade and not as durable, i would sooner recomend harder high grade foams on the main branded poles.Cork- A nice compromise will still feel a bit warmer than rubber but not quite as warm as foam. Its lightness is another of its advantages.Rubber- The mostcommon of the materials used in hiking poles and durable also of lower cost.T Grip- Good for over hand use and good on downhills and are comfortable. Many prefer the ski pole handle for its versatility in uphill downhill and on the flat.Handle Compasses- To be quite frank they serve little purpose. Their size gives little accuracy and most tend to be so inaccurate to start with.All of the poles i have seen use steel screws rather than non-ferrous screws holding thestraps to thehandle.These screwsaredirectly under the compass. This creates a magnetic field giving compass deviation.Pole ShaftsAn array of materials are used in the manufacture with a series of figures often being used to describe them but what do they mean? Most poles are made of various grades of Aluminium alloys mainly for their lightness and thesomealloys havebetter corrosion resistance. This is important as the sections are lesslikely to stickPoorly maintained poles will stick no matter what materials are used but more of this later. The following are some of the materials we are more familiar with in our Poles6061 Alloy is often used as it is light weight and used in marine environments and aircraft manufacture, a good choice.7075 Alloy is weight for weight stronger so its thickness can be reduced to give a lighter pole with similar strengths to 6061. You can expect to pay more for this weight saving.Duraluminum is another Aluminium materialoften associated with bike frames and aviation,has copper and magnesium added, very strong and light and again very corrosion resistant.Pole FittingsVery important, often overlooked and is what makes the pole function. Each section of the pole slides inside another section. To lock it at the desired height we turn each section clockwise to operate a plastic expander which presses against next internal section which should provide a secure grip. Turn anti-clockwise and the expander loosens allowing height adjustment.The plastic expanders used are the making of the pole and i have seen some terrible materials used. All expanders are made from plastic. There are as many types of plastic as there are composite of metals. All i can say on this matter is that the use of White Nylon 6 and black nylonhas been of good success for us. Other plastics we have used have been too hard and have not bedded in as well to grip the internal of the pole.BasketsThis is the important bit that screws onto the pole tips and should be replaceable. There are the larger Snow Baskets that are similar to the ski types and unless they are used in snow are not of added benefit. The smaller mud baskets come with all poles and prevent the pole sinking into soft ground.Pole TipsSteel- Good enough but if you use the pole often it will wear more quickly.Tungsten- A better choice for regular users and is an extremelytough material that will not corrode.Carbide- Personally i have not noticed much of the benefits of this material but it is used for tool manufacture and is a harder material.Rubber BootsI have used a few types but it is best to look for the ones with metal washers inside. Their benefit is to prevent the tip from prematurelypoking through. Be aware the boots are a consumable item and will wear.Pole lengthsThe proper pole length is approx. 70% of your body height. Multiply your height in inches or in centimeters by 0.7 to get your pole length in the same units. The pole can then be adjusted to length.CareMinimal care is required for poles and is basicallyif wet pull each section out and dry also rinse any debris off. It would be best not to reassembleuntil throughly dry topreventthe sections sticking.Should the pole be stored wet electrolytic corrosion will happen between the metals creating oxidization. This is where a quality anodised coating is also best.It would be bestnot allow oils or grease onto the sections as the sections will not lock, if this has been done on your current poles its not a problemas washing in soapy hot water will cure it. ConclusionThe above guide is by no means complete, new manufacturing processes and materials will change. Your choice of pole can only be made by you when you decide your requirements.When using poles on the first outing give yourselftime, some find them a little awkward until that flow comes, which will not take long.I suggest placing the pole tips a little bit to each side until you get used to them to avoid tripping over them. On downhills its best not to use the wrist straps, should you fall you may not be able to use your hands properly to break your fall.

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