Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hockey Sticks

There aren't a huge amount of sellers of field hockey sticks on eBay, and it is an area which seems to be open to some exploitation. This guide sets out to highlight a few pitfalls which you should try to avoid.1) OVERPRICING: I've seen a couple of sellers who add an RRP to their listing which is well in excess of what the actual RRP is. I would hope that anyone buying a stick or equipment on eBay would be bright enough to cross-check against their own experience or even a mail order firm (such as GENUINE? As with many things on eBay, there are obviously some people out there to make some money and not provide genuine products. If the deal sounds too good to be true, first check 1), and then if all seems to be in order then ask the seller a question!3) POSTAGE: Hockey sticks are made to last, but if they are not properly packaged then they could be damaged aesthetically in the post, or possibly even chipped, dented or broken internally (for composite sticks).4) WHAT'S RIGHT FOR YOU? I'm not even going to attempt to discuss this - you cannot buy a stick on price and description alone! Best plan is to head to a local retailer and hit a ball around or try team mates' sticks, then come back and buy the same stick on-line (normally cheaper than retail).Happy shopping!

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