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When I have put on a few pounds - perhaps after a holiday or over Christmas, here's what I do to get back in shape. No calorie counting, no portions to measure, no tastelessfoods.It'sa lowcarb eating plan combined withan exercise routine and plenty of water to drink.Above are the sort of foods I eat 1. The mind set. I have to motivate myself. I think about what I want to achieve, and decide when I am going to start my new eating plan. I'm not going to 'diet'. That suggests that certain foods are 'banned'. I know that I can have any food I want but that I only deserve the food that is going to help me achieve my goal.No weighing scales (it's how I look and how things fit, not how much I weigh that's important), no counting calories (boring and demotivating), no portion sizing (I'm going to eat until I am almost full, not stuffed and never late at night). I don't tell anyone what I am doing, I'm doing this for me, and they are never going to guess when they see what I am 'allowed'!The aim is to eat well, stay hydrated,tolosefat without muscle wastage for a leanerer firm body.2. The sort out. I go through the cupboards and fridge chucking out the food that doesn't fit into my plan. I give myself a shelf to myself - for MY food. 3. Get water! Hydration is the key. it's SO important. I drink2 ltrs daily - no skipping on this. I can drink other no-calorie drinks for the next couple of weeks in addition.I drink at least 4 of these a day4 Go shopping! Hit the supermarket for lots of vegetables and salad stuff, fish, meat, bacon, seafood, eggs, tofu, quorn,chicken, cheese, mayonnaise, coleslaw,butter, italian dressing. Ichoose not to buy cream because I would just drink the whole carton,but Icould have a little in coffee if I wanted to.I don't buyanything containing more than 5g carbs per 100g. - I check on the nutritional values on the pack.This means no pasta, rice, potatoes, sugar, sweets,biscuits, cake, chocolate, desserts, ice-cream,sweetened drinks ( all common sense stuff really!)etc., Also no fruit, no milk no yoghurts, no 'low fat' or 'lite' options, no alcohol, no artificial sweetners. No cheatingotherwise the plan won't work and I'll be back tosquare one.Here are some of the tasty protein foods I eat.....along with plenty of colourful fresh vegetables.5 Get my exercise routine sorted, At least 30 mins a day - ormore (much more!) if I can. I keep it varied - weight training, yoga, circuits, running, dancing, legs/tums/bums, pilates, aerobics, step etc. That way, I don't get bored. If I can afford it I buy some new trainers, if I am a bit hard up I get a new piece of inexpensivegymwear from the supermarket just to keep myself motivated. If I'm skint I go through my wardrobe and freshen up what's there. I take the stairs instead of thelift, I walk short journeys rather than take the car, I do sit ups and stretches in front of my favorite tv programmes,The exercise part of this plan is non negotiable. Even after thelean and toned shape is achieved I still keep up the exercise for general health and wellbeing.6. Get started. The idea is to eat lots and lots of fresh veg, a good amount of protein, a little fat, but as few carbs as possible (just until I look and feel the way I want to).I eat a full breakfast -something likeeggs bacon mushrooms tomatoes (no toast or hash browns of course) washed down with some black coffee. Lunch, well that can bea generous sizedchicken or cheese salad. I eat an early tea, maybe a bowl of prawns or just some lightly cooked vegetables with a knob of butter on. In between or if I feel peckish,there is water. To nibble on I can have some cheese or half an avocado. Obviously there areloads more meal choices to be had- I just use my imagination and stick to the rules. Eating out is a doddle - steak and salad, chicken kiev, seafood and stirfy...even burgers are ok if you skip the french fries andchuck away the soggy bun!I would not be able to stick to this regime however if I was a vegetarian because I think it would be too dreary. During waking hours, I don't go more than about 4 hours without eating something. Expensive? It doesn't have to be and there's no expensive booze, desserts, sandwichesor even fruit to buy. Healthy? Maybe, maybe not. Some might sayeating like this isbad ofthe kidneys or heightens cholesterol levels...butI just go by how I feel in myself - no mood swings, no lethargy, no bloated feeling, no flatulence,and magical inches loss without a sense of deprivation of the foods I enjoy.7. After about 3 days I don'tcrave any sugary things at all. I notice I have tons of energy and no mood swings. I don't feel bloated becauseI am not having pizza, pasta, rice, cakes biscuitsor bread. My body is hydrated and I am going to theloo a lot. I don't feel hungry because protein really fillsme up. I don't have towatch the portions - I can eat as much veg as I want and there's only so much protien and fat I fancy at one sitting. I only eat until I am comfortable - never full.If I get constipated I step upmywater intakeor take a mild laxative. 8. Once I feel I am back to size I want to be I slowly introduce a piece of fruit a day or a glass of wine at the weekend. I can continue to do this until I notice a few pounds creeping back on then I restrict myself again. And there you have it. That's what works for me. If you want to e mail me with coments please do, but no critics please -I am notseekingapproval! I have written this guide because my regime may be similar to an eating/exercise pattern that you too have found successful or you are looking for a way you think you can stick to in orderto trim down and shape up.Disclaimer.. I am not a nutritionalist and am not recommending this eating/ exerciseplan as being suitable to everyone. Before you dietand/or if youhavea large amountof weight to lose, you should consult your doctor. If you follow my plan you do so at your own risk.I do notany responsibility of any consequences which may occur to anyone who choses to follow it.Please help me climb the ratings board by giving this article a YES vote in the box below. It's free, annoymous and takes only a second. ThanksFurther reading - the Dr. Atkins diet book collection


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