Wednesday, September 16, 2009


First of all, let me say that I am as guilty as the next person of wanting, or hoping for a quick fix when it comes to getting rid of those unwanted pounds/kilos/stones. Yes.. I do panic and buy the latest fat melting tablets, usually at high prices! The fact is.. THEY DON'T WORK!!!! Manufacturers and sellers of such suppliments are preying on our insecurities and the fact that we all want to be slimmer! The media keeps on enforcing thepropaganda that we should all look like Kate Moss and we think there is something wrong with us if we don't! Of course there are without doubt health benefits in being slim and fit, but many of us poddle on with no weight related ilnesses or conditions and are in fact quite healthy in ourselves. It's just the IMAGE that concerns us, an image forced upon us by media, advertising and the producers and sellers of these quick fix slimming plans.As a long term ex-nurse and having done courses on nutrition, AND having tried just about every wonder drug on the market, I feel I am fairly qualified to comment!The bottom line is folks... there are only TWO ways to lose weight. Eat LESS! EXERCISE more! Utilise low calorie, sensible low fat foods and a healthy diet , and do more exercise! No amount of pill popping will make a blind bit of difference.It is interesting to note, that in the instructions which accompany the wonder pills, it always says 'drink 5-8 glasses of water a day'! Now THAT'S the crux of the matter. It is more likely that you will lose weight by drinking plenty of fresh cold water on top of a sensible diet and exercise than taking pills. Heating the cold water to body temperature uses up calories, and and the water flushes out unwanted poisons and detritus in the system which can lead to water retention, (extra unwanted weight) and orange peel flabbiness. The tablets themselves do nothing although I assume they don't do any harm either! I guess there is some psychological effect, in that, having spent out many pounds on tablets, you WANT to see results and may therefore try harder in other ways. Note: Hoodia claims to be a newly found wonder suppliment, taken from the dietry habits of tribespeople to ward off hunger and the desire to drink, while they are out on long hunting expeditions or time in the bush where food and water is rare. Of course they are slim! They have an abstemious diet and LOADS of exercise. Maybe the hoodia herb does suppress the appetite a little, but it's interesting to be aware that despite the claimsof the regimes, one isSTILLrequired to drink 5-8 glasses of water (3-4 pints) a day. Well so much for the claim that Hoodia suppresses fluid intake!!!! That's a total conradiction in my book!METABOLISM!How often do we read or see that we can increase our metabolism with these types of pills? We can indeed increase out metabolism by EXERCISE!Our metabolism is what it is. There is a degree of gene effect passed down from previous generations, but other than that, our metabolic rate is controlled by the thyroid gland. We need a small amount of iodine in our diet to keep this up to par. This is easily available from the food we eat, or if necessary, cheap and cheerful daily vitamin and mineral suppliments. About a quid a pot in Wilkinsons, Superdrug, Boots, or indeed on Ebay! Providing we have enough iodine in our diet, our metabolic rate does not change much except via exercise!Be aware also that whenever a new slimming solution comes out, there are loads of medics on TV and in magazines etc., telling us this is rubbish and enforces the belief that diet and exercise is the ONLY way! Bear in mind that these are doctors and scientists who would like you to be slimmer but research shows that these pills don't work. If theyDID, they would be the first on the bandwagon advocating their use.Think about TV advertising! Recently there has been a finance/bank based ad on TV depicting a chap with a car full of expensive slimming products, intimating that they don't work, and laughing at the gullibility ofJoe public. He says basically that if people are daft enough to part with their hard earned cash, then they deserve everything they get.Why also are all these fat melters only advertised in the colour suppliments and on the internet amongst the other dubious ads for Viagra and various sex alleged sexual performance toys and pills? Why is my spam box groaning under the weight of mails exhorting me to buy buy buy, hoodia and other fat stripping pills? Think about it!!!!There is no gain without pain, whether that's aching muscles or dealing with hunger pangs and avoiding the contents of the biscuit barrel!Save your money! Diet and exercise sensibly and save those penniesfor a treat when you reach your goal.Despite every thing I have said, I started a diet and lost 1lb in a week. THEN I continued diet WITH extra strong Hoodia and in the following 2 weeks I have PUT ON 5 LBS!!!!!!!!! So am 4 LBS UP on the deal! Also in that 2 weeks I have had an inordinately upset stomach and have spent half of it in the loo! Go figure!!! :( :( :(Oh well.. I have had my say.. so it's off to the kitchen for me... and a glass of water, a hoodia tablet, and a large bar of Cadburys Dairy Milk! ;)Good luckHugzWendy :)


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