Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How to Re-Grip a Golf Club

What You NeedNew grip2" 2-sided tapeUtility knifeViseCloth ragWhite SpiritScissorsShaft protectorPermanent markerPaint Tray/Plastic TrayThe following procedure is for round Standard Club and Putter grips only. Thisrepresents one approach to regripping clubs based upon experiencethrough trial and error. Many variations to this procedure existdepending upon grips used, desired outcome, and personal preference. 1. REMOVE EXISTING GRIPIt is best to secure the club using a rubber shaft protector and avise. The club should be clamped in a horizontal position. Next, usinga utility knife with a hooked blade, cut the grip using a firm steadymotion. A hooked blade is recommended because it will not cut into theshaft. This is especially key when regripping clubs with graphiteshafts. Safety Note: Remember to always cut away from your body to prevent injury. 2. CLEAN SHAFTPeel or scrape old tape from shaft. This may require an object with astiff edge. Depending on how long the grip has been on the club, it maypeel off using your fingers. A paint scraper will work on a steel shaftbut should not be used on graphite shafts. Graphite shafts require ascraper with a hard plastic edge. Once the old tape is removed, apply White Spirits to a clean rag and wipe away tape residue. Safety Note: Remember, when using White Spirit, ensure that the work area is properly ventilated. 3. APPLY 2-SIDED TAPEPlacethe New Grip next to the shaft and mark how low down the shaft it goes/use a pen to mark where the New Grip will end on the shaft.Now start to spiral the tape down the shaft with a small gap betweenthe tape. Make sure there is a small amount of tape at the top of theshaft to press down so it will cover the whole (this is to stopanything falling down in the shaft). 4. INSTALL NEW GRIPSecure the club in the vise. Remove tape backing. Insert a golf teeinto the hole in the end of the grip. Pour the White Sprit into thegrip until it is approximately half full. Place an index finger overthe opening of the grip and shake up the grip up and down to spread theWhite Spirit over the inside of the grip. Place the paint tray underthe club. Pour contents of the grip onto the exposed tape thoroughly.Next, pinch the opening of the grip between your thumb and indexfinger. Place the grip opening over the butt end of the shaft and slidegrip in place ensuring that the shaft is inserted into the gripcompletely. 5. ALIGN GRIPIt is important to align the grip properly. Most grips are designedwith alignment aids on both ends of the grip. These should be alignedon the shaft and in line with the club's face angle.Once a New Grip has been put onto the club it's best to leave it Overnight before you play with it (this gives time for everything to dry).

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