Wednesday, September 16, 2009


If your looking to bag up when your carp fishing,then the method feeder used with a shorter than normal hair rig (4 to 5 inches) has to be one of the best !! During the harder times in winter make sure your method mix has got plenty of smell but very little bait.This way you attract in the fish and as there is not much bait there to feed on then the chances of them taking your hookbait increase dramaticaly.One of the best ive found is using the SENSAS CARP 3000.Add your flavours to this and put in just a few grains of corn and the odd maggot or caster.Then put either corn or maggot on your hair rig/maggot clip,make your method ball about the size of an egg,then press your thumb into the mix.Put your hookbait into the bit you've pressed in.Cover this part with some more of your mix and remould back to the egg shape and thats ready to cast.When the fish are feeding better you can leave your hookbait hanging outside the method ball as the runs should get a lot quicker once they start feeding.This method also works great on tench and bream.GOOD LUCK!!

Orignal From: METHOD RIGS

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