Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What Boxing Gloves should I buy?

Colour and the pattern design of a glove is really down topersonal preference. The real question should be what oz and brand should I buy? The weight of a boxing glove is measured in ounces. The range can be between 6oz to 18oz. However people will rarely go under an 8oz gloves or over a 16oz, so for the purpose of this article we will say the range is between 8oz to 16oz. I will now provide a synopsis of why you would choose a particular oz.8oz and 10oz Gloves: These two ounces are the weight of a glove you would use if you went in for a professional fight. However some people will use these ounces for pad and bag work as opposed to use bag gloves. The reason why is that the added weight will build strength and punching power.12oz Gloves: Generally these gloves are used for pad and bag work. They can also be used for light free sparring. No hard head shots.14oz and 16oz Gloves: These two ounces are generally used for free sparring. The heavier the oz of gloves relates to how much padding is in the glove. It is important that you use at least a 14oz gloves when free sparring this is not only for your protection, but also your partners.I would always recommend buying a branded name when it comes to boxing gloves. A good pair of boxing gloves can last you years. However a copied and unknown brands can be inferrer and only last a few months. I have seen copied and unknown branded gloves with the dye coming out after one training session and the leather splitting because its made of pvc. The main brands I would recommend are Fairtex, Twins and MTG.Finally when wearing boxing gloves you should wear hand wraps to reduce injury. Please read my article on hand wrapping at Hand Wrapping

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