Friday, September 25, 2009

The economy of the truth and paypal's involvement

I listed some items in mid March and when they completed this one american guy had bought two of them in one go. I was pleasead and offered him discounted single item shipping rates. He said he wanted them expressed shipped at any cost so I got him a fair but reflective price for shipping 3kg to USA in 4 days and he said I was trying to rob him so I sent him the link to the shipping website and said it was actual rate. Then he went silent for TWO weeks during which I asked repeatedly to pay up or say he was not interested. I knew I was going on holiday at the beginning of April so I said he must pay by then or its all off. he paid on the mornring I was flying out and said he wanted his stuff dealt with pronto!! No can do at such a late hour! When I got back I contacted him and shipped the stuff ASAP. HE then complained to Paypal saying I had taken four weeks to turn them around!! They found in his favour and he continued to say they had not been shipped or received. When asked for proof I faxed them ths customs and shipping forms with all the right numbers and stamps (what more can you ask for?). They took one look at it and ignored me. Later I find he has won the dispute and paypal have blocked ME!! I tracked the items and he has them but is denying it and paypal say it must be trackable (!?!?!?! which it is, was and the stuff is with him!?!?!). Sonow this guy has the items, the money and paypal have blocked me on the strength of this lying barefaced thief. So my advice is when you say three days mean three days for payment but when paypal say trackable they obviously have a SPECIAL list of companies they agree with and others they ignore. Make sure you are using one of their chosen ones!! Oh! and avoid a guy in Florida called Owen Igbinoba as he knows damn well what he is doing and is very good at lying and playing tough and denying received items which HE HAS SIGNED FOR!!!

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