Wednesday, September 16, 2009

BODY PUMP - an excellent gym workout!

If you arethinking ofjoining a gym, do consider joining in the Body Pump classes if you really want a great workout that's fun as well. It's a class where students use bars and free weights in a choreographed routine to music. The class lasts an hour and targets all the main muscle groups.Although the class involvesno running about, your heart rate will be raised and you will feel you have had a good workout .I was a little apprehensive, being a slightly built female. The sight of all those free weights and dumbells made me think I would turn into Arnie if I started working out with them! But no, I was given an induction and shown that you start off with light weights and increase only when you feel ready. It's a non competitive class so youjust work at the level you are happy with. Of course, ifyou did want to 'bulk up', you can pile on the weights butthe instructor isalways there to advise on the right level for the individual.Body Pump is set to a number of official Body Pumpcd's, giving a wide variety of motivational music to work to. Typically the class will start with everyonegetting out the equipment they will be working with - a bar to carry on the fleshy part of the shoulders, a variety of weights, a step and risers (to lie on), and a mat for comfort.Thequalified instructorwill stand at the front of the class to directyou and demonstrate the moves. It is very important that technique is correct to avoid injury and to get the most out of the movements. You are aiming to tone muscles and sculpt the body as well as burn calories.The first 'track' of the cd will be a warm-up. The second track will be aimed at toning thethighs and buttocks. You will requireyour heaviest weight on your bar for thistrack and it will also raise your heart rate. Next comes the chest area and this is exercised by lying on the bench and pressing the bar above the head. After that we target the back, followed by the triceps, bicepts, legs, shoulders, and tummy or abs. At the end of the class comes a welcome stretch and cool down track.Don't worry about getting bored with the same old music each week. Most instuctors mix and match from the Body Pump cd's they have so you never know what to expect. Plus, the company issue new music and routines regularly to their instuctors.The advertisements state that Body Pump will change the shape of your body. Provided that you follow a good diet and do the classes regularly (3 times a week is a good amount) I think it really is true and in the process you will feel great and make some friends too!Good luck!Do read my other guides - you'll not want to miss the one on car boot sales!Please vote YES (below)for this guide - it's FREE!

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