Friday, September 25, 2009

How To Buy A Driver/Fairway Wood

Woods are mainly used for longer shots in golf. Drivers are most often used off the tee, although more advanced players may choose to use a driver off the fairway when extra distance is required. A fairway or metal wood can also be used off the tee if the hole is narrow and requires a little more of a precision shot, or if the hole is shorter and you don't need all the distance that a driver may provide. Fairway and metal woods also are used for a wide variety of "utility" shots, including tight lies in the rough, or in fairway bunkers where you need more distance to get to the green, but need enough loft to get the ball in the air quickly.There are 3 main aspects to finding the right Driver/Fairway for yourself : Ability Level, Shaft and LoftDetermining your ability level o The low-handicap golfer o The mid-handicap golfer o The high-handicap golferThe low-handicap golferA low-handicap player has a single-digit handicap, meaning he or she generally scores less than 10 strokes over par, or an 82 or less on a par-72 course. * Woods o The low handicap player should carry a driver and at least 1 fairway wood, most likely the 3-wood * Irons o The low handicap player will benefit from lower irons in his bag, because the 3- or 4-iron is a difficult club to hit but can be very useful if it can be controlled * Wedges o A minimum of 3 wedges--pitching wedge, sand wedge, and either a lob wedge or approach wedge--in their bags, with a maximum 4-degree difference between each oneThe mid-handicap golferThe mid-handicap golfer plays "bogey golf," meaning his or her score averages out to 1 over par on each hole, or somewhere in the 11-20 handicap range. * Woods o In addition to the driver and a 3-wood and a 5-wood, consider adding a 7-wood or even a 9-wood. These fairway woods give much better control and consistency than the harder to hit long irons. * Irons o Usually only a 3 through 9 are recommended, since the 2- iron is very difficult to hit consistently * Wedges o Three different wedges are recommended - pitching wedge, sand wedge, and either a lob wedge or approach wedgeThe high-handicap golferThe high-handicap golfer is either a beginner or has not had the time to hone his game to reach the mid-handicap level. The high-handicapper usually shoots close to or over 100. Woods o You may not even want to have a driver in your bag. Instead, go with the 3-wood as your off-the-tee wood and add the easier-to-hit 7- and 9-woods. Wedges o Up to 3 wedges-- pitching wedge, sand wedge, and either a lob wedge or approach wedge--should be carried

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