Friday, September 25, 2009

FAKE ALERT Taylor Made CGB Max Fairway Woods

Yes, OK, I admit it, I fell for one of the fake club scams. So, I want to share my experience with others so they do not fall foul of similar scammers on eBay.A lot has been said about fake golf clubs in other guides that I read (too late) here, so just a couple of things to pick out from them, and add to myself:- 1 - check ALL feedback from seller to ensure it is recent, as a seller of similar items and not from similar profile IDs (i.e. low feedback or recent setup) 2 - think of why you were drawn to the auction. Normally too good a price to be true? This is normally the case and will prove to be TOO good to be a true (genuine) club. 3 - start a dialogue with the seller, ask for better pictures, check the website of the manufacturer of the club(s) you are buying and see if they have a fraud/fake page to help identify them. 4 - ignore the location the ID is supposed to be selling from and record the times that questions are replied to, very early in the morning would suggest a different timezone (China). This will not always help as some websites/companies ( are now drop shipping straight from their warehouses. The guy I bought from was supposed to be in Scotland, but his English was terrible and he answered his emails at around 4 in the morning. 5 - Taylor Made fairway woods do NOT come with a wrench. 6 - ALWAYS pay via PayPal or other methods that have some protection associated with them.I bought a Stiff shafted CGB Max 3 wood which has a shaft like warm toffee.Suggestions on how can this problem can be eradicated:- 1 - better verification of people's locations before they are allowed to sell 2 - there should be NO private listings, so other people can be identified and warned off buying fakes. A recent batch of fakes has been sold by another ID (could be the same seller) but had private listings so the potential buyers could not be warned. 3 - auctions for fake items are cancelled by eBay once either an ID closed or there is a hint of foul play. Once again, it would be more useful if they were left open so all those people scammed could band together and claim together. I took great care in bookmarking the auctions of the other items sold by this scammer but they are all now withdrawn, so I cannot get in touch with the the buyers. 4 - it would be useful to have a way of flagging up potential fakes to eBay (or other buyers) via an anonymous contact point in eBay.I am following my claim up with PayPal at the moment, hoping to get a positive result.

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