Friday, September 25, 2009

How to spot a fake Reebok NFL jersey

Unless you buy from or the teams proshop,we think of good old eBay and hey everyone likes a bargain don't they?, you are going to come into contact with the bootleg jersey. Some are obvious and others are so good that even Reebok admit that they can't tell the difference. eBay is a wonderful place for a bargain and so it attracts counterfeiters.That being said I believe that most of the UK based sellers are not sure of what they are selling. Reebok does not import the Authentic jerseys and so we don't see them in the stores and therefore have no idea what to look for and up until a few months ago I was one of those unknowing fans. In a few short months I have undergone a master-class of jersey collecting and spotting from our American cousins.I have been caught out by people I trusted and have fake jerseys in my wardrobe which I bought as genuine. I don't want to debate the rights and wrongs of counterfeiting products. We all know it's against the law.So, firstly then.PriceMost Authentic jerseys in retail stores cost $200 to $250 on average. That's

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