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1st stop - pole reviews

Buying a Dance/Fitness pole - Reviews and GuidesThere is a dizzying array of poles now on the market, and very little to guide the user in the direction of the appropriate pole for their needs. So we decided to write a pole review, and guide to buying poles. A number of the most popular poles on the market have been reviewed, and we will be adding more as time goes on. Pole dance/fitness is a relatively new exercise phenomenon, but one that it is fast taking hold and sweeping the globe. Pole parties and classes are now available all over the world, and an increasing number of men and women are taking up this rewarding and challenging form of exercise. More and more men and women are buying their own poles for home use to continue the work they have learned in classes, or just for the fun of having their own pole.The reviews below are not my personal opinions, they have been written by men and women who pole dance for fun and fitness, and have first hand experience of these poles. We hope you find them helpful. Poles are listed in alphabetical order.My thanks to the members of the Vertical Dance Pole Fitness forums for their reviews and comments.Alistage Polestar Suitability: beginners to advanced Fixed/Removable: Removable One/Two Piece: One piece pole Finish and Grip: Stainless steel - good grip, 51mm can sometimes cause a problem with small hands. Ease of installation: Very easy, however because of the small plate at the top, the screw in the top can sometimes come through the plate and cause a hole in the ceiling (what happened to mine anyway) Static/Spinning: Static pole however you can get them spinny.Alistage Polestar Plus Suitability: beginners to advanced. It will take my weight quite comfortably (200 pounds), even when learning moves like the cross knee release, where the centre of gravity is way off centre for longer than perhaps it should beFixed/Removable: Removable One/Two Piece: One piece, with 16" long adjustable extension at the top. Finish and Grip: Ground finish stainless steel. Grip is good, but might be better if it were polished. 51mm diameter. Ease of Installation: Piece of cake. Comes with detailed instructions. Height adjustment needs a bit of trial and error, and it's easier with an assistant. Static/Spinning: Static. Comments: In use, this is the same as the standard Polestar reviewed above, the only difference being that it has a greater range of height adjustment, so good if you are going to different venues (you'd need a van though, due to it being one-piece) and installation is slightly more complicated.Aradia Standard (1 1/2 inch) and Classic (2 inch) Suitability: beginners to advancedFixed/Removable: removable One/Two Piece: one piece Finish and Grip: Brass. VERY grippy...but very susceptible to humidity/heat conditions Ease of Installation: quite easy Static/Spinning: static Comments: I believe they are between $300 and $500 CAD.Lil Minx Coloured Poles Suitability: beginners to advanced Fixed/Removable: Fixed/semi removable One/Two Piece: one piece Finish and Grip: powder coated steel which makes it very grippy for inverting, climbing and posing on the pole but spins can be difficult. It can also leave really bad pole burn based on the material Ease of Installation: easy, but you will probably need some help as it is one piece and you have to find the stud and drill into it Static/Spinning: static Comments: The poles range in colour and start at about $270 USD and go up to around $500 USD and custom poles are available.Lil Minx Stainless Steel Poles Suitability: beginners to advanced Fixed/Removable: Fixed/semi removable One/Two Piece: one piece Finish and Grip: polished stainless steel finish which makes it great for spins and inverts but can be difficult for some advanced static poses especially if your hands are sweaty. Regular use should roughen up the surface and improve grip over time. Ease of Installation: easy, but you will need a stud finder, a drill, and a ladder to install the ceiling mounting fixture. An additional person to help is also beneficial. Static/Spinning: Pole can be purchased in static only or a static/spinning version. Comments: The poles start at about $270 USD for the non-spinning version and go up to around $350 USD for the static/spinning version.Peek a booSuitability: Adult novelty only. Fixed/Removable: friction mounted-removable One/Two Piece: Three pieces Finish and Grip: Chrome plated Ease of Installation: easy Static/Spinning: static Comments: This pole is a novelty and should be treated as such, it does not appear to be designed to take much lateral force therefore should be used for only walking around. This pole is not suitable for moves such as spinning, climbing, or inverting. It should not be bought for any use other than erotic play.Platinum Stages One Piece "Super Pole" (with ceiling adapter)Suitability: beginners to advanced. This pole is sturdy and will support your weight for any tricks or inverts. It can be used on a flat ceiling or you may buy an adapter for a vaulted ceiling.Fixed/Removable: RemovableOne/Two Piece: One PieceFinish and Grip: Stainless SteelEase of Installation: Scale of 1(easy)-10 (hard), 4. We have a vaulted ceiling so some initial drilling was involved. Day to day installation, 1Static/Spinning: Both, has pinComments: The cover at the bottom can be awkward. No big deal because you can just slide the cover off but that leaves it looking a little "less pretty". The ball joints have creaked ever since I received it. Grease may help this but I think that may make more mess than it is actually worth.Platinum Stages Multi-piece Super Pole Suitability: beginner to advanced Fixed/Removable: removable, friction mounted One/Two Piece: Three pieces Finish and Grip: stainless steel Ease of Installation: easy Static/Spinning: both Comments: This pole is suitable for all applications, can be permanently mounted by purchasing additional mounts. Easy to put, more challenging to take down, strap wrenches are an order. Very easy to switch from spinny to static.X Pole 45mm chromeSuitability: beginners to advancedFixed/Removable: Removable and portableOne/Two Piece: Several piece pole, but very sturdy. Finish and Grip: Finish is chrome, and due to the 45mm diameter, suitable for small hands and increased grip. Ease of installation: Very easy as long as you find the beam and have a ladder! Static/Spinning: Static and spinning, very easy to switch between both!Comments: Height is adjustable, and further adjustment can be made by buying extension pieces.X Pole 50mm Chrome Suitability: beginners to advanced Fixed/Removable: Removable and Portable One/Two Piece: Multi-pieces depending on ceiling height plus the dome and base. Finish and Grip: Chrome. This finish can be a little trying for people who suffer from sweaty hands. It is really slippy when you start but the grip improves a lot when the pole gets heated. Very easy to clean and maintain. Ease of Installation: Fairly easy depending on ceiling height, much easier when you have a partner help you. Static/spinning: both, and very easy to switch from one to the other Comments: Pro's: Can be taken down and easily stored and transported, offers both spinny and static, does not require drilling into ceiling or floor, SUPER sturdy! Adjustable height.Cons: Cannot be used on vaulted ceilings, can be a bit slippery at times if you have sweaty hands. In the U.S. this pole goes for around $279.00 plus shipping and handling (UK approx

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