Wednesday, September 16, 2009

JMNutrition - beware

How do you start a guide to buying from a seller who 5/6 weeks on is still making excuses and refusing to refund for a product bought in good faith?I've never felt the need to write one of these before but after my experiences with this company I feel the need to share my complete contempt for them.In early June I opted to buy one of their weightloss products and well over 1 month on I'm glad to say that I'm at my target weight. Not through the use of their product but through being so worked up by this seller's incompetance and excuses leading to sheer frustration and hammering it down the gym instead.I completed my end of a transaction where the goods were promised within 48 hours. 2 weeks on, and with nothing received, I contacted them and received a reply from"Paul"to have the postal service blamed and that I should take it up with my local delivery office. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and contacted the delivery office who confirmed nothing received or returned from them. At this point I opted to go back to the seller and unbelievably received an entirely different response to the original mail, again from Paul. This time it was claimed that the product wasn't in fact available at the time of purchase due to their shipment having been delayed at customs and asking for my patience.After another week's wait I contacted the seller again to be informed by "Liam" that the hold up was in fact due to staff shortages, it had been sent and according to him should be with me within 24 hours.. Fair enough I'll wait another day but to my amazement I logged on the following day to find another completely different response from "Paul". Yet again he was blaming the postal service and was completely unaware of the mail I'd received just a few hours earlier.At this point my patience had worn thin so I responded quite bluntly and made it absolutely clear that I was no longer interested in excuses. I also advised at this point that I would be raising my complaint with Paypal. A response was received the following day from "Jenna" this time claiming that the item had not yet been posted, again due to staff shortages, but was being sent recorded mail that very day. I grudgingly accepted this as knowing it should have a tracking number left me a bit more reassured. The same day I received yet another mail from "Paul" begging that I do not raise the issue with Paypal as they prefer to resolve issues themselves!Given a postal strike I left it a couple of days and contacted them for the tracking number. The response I received, from "Paul",completely glossed over this and suggested it would be resent again only to receive another response from "Liam" ten minutes later stating it had been resent the previous day. This I didn't quite understand, If they had sent it recorded delivery why would there be any need for it to be resent.I replied back asking them to clarify as 3 different representatives of the seller were now giving me conflicting information. The response to this, again from "Paul", was simply that it was being resent and completely ignoring the fact they claim it was already sent twice within the past 5 days.I'd had enough, I wanted a refund and made this clear in my next mail only to be informed the seller does not provide refunds on items which they have dispatched!My dispute has today been lodged with paypal to decide having given them ample opportunity to resolve this. Unfortunately I don't appear to be the only 1 affected by their incompetance. Granted they appear to be a large

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