Wednesday, September 16, 2009

how to recognise fake callaway shirts

CALLAWAYPLEASE CAN YOU VOTE ON THIS GUIDE TO STATE WHETHER YOU FOUND USEFUL. IF WE CAN GET ENOUGH VOTES IT WILL BE SHOWN ON SEARCHES AND THUS FAKE ITEMS WILL NOT BE BROUGHT AND WE CAN GET RID OF THESE CON ARTISTS. THANK YOUAny Callaway Shirt with the label "Callaway Golf Collection USA" in black is a fake imported from Asia. Callaway don't use this label!- These shirts also do not have a label with the country of manufacture. ALL golf shirts from the best known brands have a label stating the country of manufacture - Ask the seller if it has a label with country of manufacture!!Well I am writing this out of frustration at all of you that don't read feedback and get lumbered with a fake Callaway, Ashworth orNike Polo shirts. I done a search yesterday on Callaway Golf Shirts as i was listing some and i was amazed! on the first 2 pages 75%of them were fake shirts!! - Trust me i know what i am talking about. I am also frustrated because Ebay do nothing about removing these fraudsters from ebay as i regularly report them to both to Callaway and to ebay.I lived and worked in the Golf Industry in Asia for a few years and, laugh that i may, the fake shirts I see on ebay today (BELOW) are the same ones from a few years ago! You wont find any of them in any manufacturers catalogue. I am back working in the Golf Industry in the UK so I do know my labels. Bangbangjohn was a good example (who i am pleased to say has been kicked off ebay) Over the last few months he had 24 Neutral feedbacks and 29 Negative feedbacks -buyers protested at his fake items but everyone kept buying - he sold a massive 813 fake shirts on ebay over the last year - how can this be allowed to happen!! CALLAWAY GOLF COLLECTION USA IS A FAKE LABEL AS SHOWN BELOW AND MADE OF INFERIOR QUALITY MATERIALS. THE SIZING IS WAY OFF AND THE CUT AWFUL. WATCH OUT THERE ARE 50 ON EBAY NOW FAKE SHIRTS WITH CALLAWAY GOLF COLLECTION USA LABEL BELOWLATEST FAKE FROM LAMAI2000GENIUNE LABELS BELOWREMEMBER BUY FROM A TRUSTED EBAYER AND READ THE FEEDBACKPleased to say ebay has kicked off 3046PETERH

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