Friday, September 25, 2009

Fake callaway x20

Just bought what seemed to be a 100% genuine set of callaway x20 golf clubsoff a ebayer with good feedback.Hey guess what? yes u guessed 100% fake set, put in a claim back for my cost of these clubs against paypal ( i aint crossing my fingers).I have had 100% positive feedback untill i bought these clubs, i left a neg against the seller so now i guess i'll get my first neg back, but i dont care about the neg i get back, as long as i put off potential buyers of people going to buy off this ebayer of counterfeit goods, dont know if i can put this ebayer names on here but if someone tells me i can i will. but the number of the item i bought is 320227686702, hope this helps others

Orignal From: Fake callaway x20

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