Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Treadmills the advantages to home owning

Ok back in November I shelled out for a treadmill, it was hugh decision and yes I had some people telling me it was agreat idea an others who where not so enthusiastic.Thats great a treadmill will help you get into shapeYou will be able to exercise whenever you want Thats alot of money for something you will stop using after a week.Was it the right decision or notread on.Once you have a treadmill there is the danger you may never use it, we all have the pieces of gym equipment at the back of cupboards or hid under the bed gathering dust that you glimpse at in shame, these where going to be the new you the new begining but some how you managed to talk yourself out of them in under a week. Only buy a treadmill if you enjoy walking, jogging and running cause lets face it thats about all you can do with one.Ok the benefits the major one is convenience you can exercise whenever you want what ever the weather or time. You have the chance to get into great shape because you can exercise at your convenience have 10 minutes spare morning noon and night and youve managed a 30 minute workout. Lets face it you would not go to the gym for 10 minutes if thats all you had spare at any one time, but if the gyms there why not. Bearing this in mind you are more likely to work out. Outside cold inside warm where do you want to be?.So does home owning a treadmill have advantages, of course it does the massive and most importnat one been the convenience of one. Want to exercise at a time and pace thats right for you that makes owning a treadmill money well spent.Please if you found this review helpful do not forget to click so others have a better chance of viewing thanks.

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