Friday, September 25, 2009

SIDOZEY and eBay !!!

I am one of the victims of SIDOZEY's eBay Scam after buying two jackets. Here lies the problem. If everyone went and reported it to the police then there would be no individual investigations. You need to put the pressure on eBay fraud dep't so they can bulk report it ( File a dispute ) With their liaison and clout then the Police would probably launch an investigation. I believe that eBay should accept the blame and compensate all those who have been scammed. Let's see how good their customer relations really are !!!! I ended up sending postal orders ( what was I thinking !! ) to 26A York Street, London made out to a Peter DAWOOD. eBay have alowed this seller to remain knowing that there was already a scam used in 2007. Are they to blame ? Yes I think so. Is it our fault for buying what we believed to be as legitimate bargain on their website ? No after all it is eBay and that's what it is all about.I have also received over 3000 e-mails from eBay telling me not to trust SIDOZEY. They are still being sent at about 1 every 5 seconds. Thanks eBay !! How about you give me my

Orignal From: SIDOZEY and eBay !!!

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