Friday, September 25, 2009

Thinking of buying an electric bicycle?

I purchased an electric bike from an ebay seller 123 scooter and I have had nothing but trouble with the thing and 123 scooter. The initial purchase took place on 23 Sep 07; I rode the bike six times in a month and it packed up on me, leaving me stranded on top of a local mountain.My first contact with 123 scooter was not promising as they said it was theyre supplier I had to deal with and not them; when I insisted that the contract of buyer and seller was to do with me and "them" they pulled theyre horns in slightly...They went on to say that I had to pay the return costs of the bike and I had no other option in the matter; You guessed it when I dug my heels in they said they would pay the return carriage (they wanted

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