Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Choosing your football boots.

I am writing this uide to raise awareness of what you will actually recieve once purchasing a product. There is a wide varity of football boot out there, and u get for what you pay for.Recently i read a report on "Fake" or "replica" boots and thought i should share my knowledge.The big firms, ie. Nike, Adidas, Puma, all make a varity of the same boot. This is to give people the choice of design to fit there wallet. Many people see the boots the professionals wear and wish to buy them. IF U WANT THE QUALITY, YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY THE PRICE!! However, if you wish to have the same design for a cheaper price, you can get a variation of the boot for less.For example, Adidas have 3 variations for their F50's and preditor range. The Adidas F50 are top of the range, exactly what the professionals use. Adidas also created the F30 and F10's. These are exactly the same design but different materials. F50 TRX - Has a high abrasive material for low water absorbtion, and a K-leather upper.This is top of the range. The variations have similar characteristics but different materials. You will usually find that any boot with Kangeroo Leather (K-Leather) is usually top of its range.Sythetics tend to be cheaper.For Example. TheNikeMercurialVapors are top of its range (rrp 119 pounds). The next stage down are the Mercurial Talaria (rrp75 pounds) and then the Mercurial Steam (rrp 30 pound).(Above) Nike Mercurial Vapors - Long, slender, boot. Notice the black Carbon Fibre on the rear of the boot. Also Blade merge into the bottem of the boot.(Above) Nike Mercurial Talaria - Similar shape, But different rear design. The fade on the gold is further up, it has a back plastcie plating and no carboon fibre. It also has a thin plate which is where the baldes are attached to.(Above) Nike Mercurial Steam - The whole shape of the boot is higher/rounder. Not as slender. It has a carbon fibre effect pattern stitched on the rear, and the gold fading design is again different. More stitching on this than the other boots.So when perchasing a pair of boots, be aware of material, design, and MOST importantly, PRICE!! There are many rip off boots out there, but make sure you dont make the mistake of which boot u choose. I hope this helps people when they come to buy there products. My advise, \When looking to buy a new pair of boots, get a website up of all the football boots, make note of the differences and then switch between it and Ebay. That way, you'll know what to look for.

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