Friday, September 25, 2009

Golf clubs,What you need at any level, and spot fakes.

Hi, I work as a Golf Advisor my job is to advise people what they should be buying at the level they are at, My handicap at date of this guide is 6 working to 4 so that I may eventually become Pro (Not a circuit pro but a coach/trainer). However even those better then me including scratch golfers ask me what they should be doing. In other words I know how it should be done, I just can't do it yet, that probably counts for a fewof us out there.When you are buying clubs there are many factors to look in to. Ebay is a great sauce for clubs and decent prices...HOWEVER many are fakes, heres some tips to make sure you're getting what you thought you were. Then after i'll help you chose what would be best for you at your level of play.1You should contact buyers and ask them questions to verify that the club is genuine, ask them questions as to 'Why it is so cheap?', 'What shaft does it have?', 'Is the pictures you are showing the club I am buying?' ask as many as you want, if it is a genuine seller, selling a genuine club they won't care how much you ask them, if they get touchy then there is a reason.2 If the offer looks to good to be is. Or police are looking for the item you're buying.3. Second hand clubs should never be looked down upon, mostly these are genuine clubs with low or no use, a second hand Sasquatch or R7 goes for about

Orignal From: Golf clubs,What you need at any level, and spot fakes.

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