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My Local Top Class Fishing Site.(Take A Look.)

PENDLE VIEW FISHERIES.Situated On The A59 By-Pass,BARROW,NR.CLITHEROE,BB7 9DH(Opposite McDonalds On The A59)Also 11 Miles From Junction 31 on the M6.The main lake at Pendle View is fed by streams which come down from the
nearby hills and has depths which range from a few feet just off the bank
to around
14 feet in the middle of the lake. There is a channel which runs down the
centre of the lake from the two inlets at the top end of the fishery to
the overflow weir.

Now the lake has been taken over we are concentrating on improving the fishing and the experience by doing the following:
- Re Pegging
- Creating Habitat including lilly padsOur fly lake
Very well established in 2008, at one point this lake was little
more than a silt trap for the main lake with a small centre island. It
was de silted and deepened to a depth of around 6 foot in 2001 and
again in 2004. The lake itself is very popular and can easily
accommodate around 18 anglers at any one time. It is stocked with
Brownies, Blueys, and Rainbows up to a weight of 20lbs. Terrestrials
blow off the surrounding farmland and the two streams feeding the lake
bring in natural food.
The fly lake is an ideal venue for those that just want a couple of
hours fishing or a full days uninterrupted sport. The lake continues to
yield excellent returns with most anglers reporting a bag of seven or
more fish per person per session. Anglers are asked to record their
catch and method after each session so that stocks can be replenished
and so that other anglers can see what methods/tactics are working etc.
Like all the lakes at Pendle View, catch returns are emailed out in
fishing reports so that anglers can see what methods are working.
Natural flies present include damsels, sedges, buzzer and bloodworm.
Anglers fishing this lake are asked to wear sunglasses and head gear in
the interests of safety. Whilst the water is open to youngsters anglers
aged 15 or under should be supervised by an adult.
This lake is also reccomended for team building or school days, please contact us for details..
Our Match lake
The Match lake was built during the Summer of 2003. Its main aim was
to take the pressure of the very popular Main lake. The two acre lake
is square with a bund running along the middle and has 32 pegs. The
lake was originally two very large stock ponds and the lake itself is
raised and filled by rainwater alone, The Match lake is found at the
top of the site and is very easily accessed. When the lake was built it
was heavily stocked with Roach, Perch, Carp and Tench.
During the Summer of 2006 there were some excellent catch returns
recorded. Bags of 100lb were caught during the summer. This year the
lake has been netted and a restocking program has been started, already
bags in excess of 90lb have been recorded and verified... What are you
waiting for, call us today!
We now allow anglers to fish overnight on the Doughnut Lake, as long
as there are no angling matches booked for the following day.

Pendle View Fisheries Has Been Established As A Fishery For At Least 20 Years And Was Purchased

Orignal From: My Local Top Class Fishing Site.(Take A Look.)

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