Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Simple Guide To buying A Pedometer (Step Counters)

A pedometer senses your body motion and counts your footsteps. Thiscount is converted into distance by knowing the length of your usualstride. Wearing a pedometer and recording your daily steps and distanceis a great motivating tool. You can wear a pedometer all day, every dayand record total steps. Or you can wear it just when you go out for awalking workout. Multi-function PedometersAll pedometers count steps, although they may use different methodsto do so. These include (in general order of accuracy): piezo-electricaccelerometers, a coiled spring mechanism, and a hairspring mechanism.Beyond showing the step total and/or calculating the distance, featuresabound. The top features are: Calorie estimates, clocks, timers,stopwatches and speed estimators, 7-day memory, pulse rate readers.Simple Step Counting PedometersThe simplest pedometers only count your steps and display stepsand/or distance. This is all you need to track to keep yourselfmotivated. Set a goal of distance or steps for each day. Therecommended number of steps is 6000 for health, 10,000 for weight losswhen you count all steps during the day. For weight loss, anuninterrupted walk each day of 4000-6000 steps is recommended.Pedometer AccuracyThe current generation of pedometers uses turned pendulumtechnology, accelerometers, and/or electronics to count your steps. Theunit should be accurate in its count when you wear it correctly - youmay have to experiment with where to wear it. Distance accuracy dependson setting your stride length correctly.How to Wear Your PedometerA pedometer should be comfortable to wear all day and be heldsecurely by its clip, an extra safety leash is almost required. Thedisplay should be easy to read without removing the unit from yourwaistband. It should be protected so that bumps don't punch a buttonand reset the count. It should easy and intuitive to move betweenfunctions. How to Set Your PedometerMost pedometers require you to measure your step length in order toset it to estimate distance. Where and how you wear the pedometer willalso influence step counting accuracy. The pedometer must be straightup and down, not tilted.

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