Saturday, September 12, 2009

Buying Golf Shoes? Wait Read!

Will the right pair of golf shoes make you win a golf tournament? Will it make a difference in your golf game? When it comes to golf shoes, it's not just about the looks because you could be wearing flip-flops and still score great if you're really a good golfer. But even Tiger Woods wears the right pair of golf shoes. He must and you should, too because whether you like it or not, the game of golf is all about the details.
WaterproofingRecommended if not even the rain can stop you from a golf game. Wet feet are very clammy and uncomfortable and if you play a lot of games with them, you better watch out for blisters. Look for material made from Goretex which is tough and very reliable against bad weather, although it also offers breathability and warmth.
TypeWhen you think of golf shoes, the first pair that comes to mind is probably the classic type. You'll find a good variety of this kind to fit your own personal taste and needs. Choose the lightweight pair and those that are appropriate for the weather conditions you will play in.
Leather or polyesterGolf shoes that are made of leather are the more preferred among golfers. Leather offers natural waterproofing on top of the add-on thrown in by the manufacturers. It's great for use during summer and is quite breathable. If you're buying leather, look for quality of make and fit and make sure you don't scrimp.
If you're on a budget, a polyester lining would be an ideal material for your golf shoe. Polyester offers non-porous protection and it's lighter. Cheaper, too.
StyleNot to be taken lightly. Golf shoes used to be this strange stand-alone creatures on the shelf that didn't look like they belonged anywhere else than the greens. But now, thanks to some serious style makeover, say goodbye to the boring oxford-style golf shoes and hello to the more hip evolution available today. Simply choose the golf shoes for good fit, comfort and the looks.
Extra buying tip:Take time when buying your golf shoes and try not to be your golf buddy's clone. His golf shoes might fit him well but your feet may be built differently. When you do find a pair that seems right, spend at least 5 minutes walking around on them. That should be enough to help you decide whether those golf shoes are right for you.
If you want your golf shoes to last and retain their shape, buy a good pair of shoe trees. Those made with cedar are the best, although you may choose other types, as long as they can help keep your shoes in good shape and absorb the moisture. If it's a good pair of golf shoes, it must have cost a bit of an investment on your part so make sure it's taken care of.

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