Saturday, September 12, 2009

Quick Guide to buy/sell wholesale clothing on Ebay

As with all the wholesale categories the item quantity range is from 6 items to several thousand items.
You can custom any searches into auction only or buy it now only, the buttons to do this are towards the top left of the page. You can also sort into highest/lowest price first, newly listed and finishing soon. Also customise into new and used/second hand items.
To list in the wholesale section there should be a minimum of 6 items in the lot, these are the listing rules. There are some single items occasionally listed, these should not be in the wholesale category and tend not to sell there!
If buying, check the postage costs are affordable and if its what you want and is a good price make a bid or buy instantly. Don't be afraid to ask the sellers any questions you may have, there's a link to ask a question on every item page. If you want you can seperate the buy it now items from the auction items, use the bars above the listings, top left.
If buying, remember to check the seller's feedback rating, see if they are selling any more of the same item. You can even do a search of completed listings to see what similar items have been sold for in the last 30 days. Click on 'advanced search' at the top right of the page, under the search box, it takes you to a page where you can search on various things, put in the words of the items and click on 'completed listings only' that will show you if similar items have been sold and how much for.
So why buy wholesale clothing on ebay? There isn't a simple answer; for some people its the most accessible way of buying in bulk, not everybody lives near a decent wholesalers.
There's often a bargain to be had, speaking for my own company Manchester Trade Auctions we

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