Sunday, August 30, 2009

Buying A Fishing Reel Fixed Spool Coarse

what to look for in a fishing reelHi you can never have too much information when buying a reel, so I always look for reels that are well described and am always ready to ask questions if the information is missing, it is always important that the bail arm spring is not worn so when the handle of the reel is turned the bail arm clicks over nicely instead of limply sitting half way over the spool requiring you to push it the rest of the way (one of my early mistakes) and will add to the cost of replacing the spring so if this is not mentioned its always good to ask if the bail arm clicks over positively, you also want to know if the ratchet is working perfectly as well as the anti-reverse wind switch or lever and if it has a quick release spool does it release easily and is it tight when clicked in place also on the older reels which I do collect a few myself its always worth asking how much play or wear is in the reel as this can reduce the value of what the reel is worth and never assume that because the reel comes with line on it that the line is in good condition (unless stated in the auction) as I learnt when I saw my favourite float disapearing into the distance as the line was that old it just parted company with the reel spool on my first cast (never did get it back) its always nice as well for people selling if they have the facility to put picture in picture if they can show the inside of the reel with the spool off as below as this shows you how clean it is which means its proberly been looked after and reguarly maintai (or not been usedIt is also handy to know if the reel has an interchangable handle that way it can be used by right or left handed people as I remember one of the 1st reels I brought (second hand) I did not check this and spent 3 weeks striking with my right hand then swopping the rod to my left hand to reel the fish in thats when I lost my first big one (yeah right) so that ended up in the bin, but now I would have saved it as fishing reels are renewed every year as in new models and its suprising just how quick some reels become collectable, I hope this may be of help to someone who is new to listing a reel or to someone who wants to buy a reel, have to go now got a fish to catch

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