Thursday, August 19, 2010

Booking paintball games via ticket agencies

Generally speaking you cannot beat booking a paintball game with any one else other than direct with the site owner themselves, if you dont and book online with a ticket agency or similar then there is a very good chance you could be paying well over the odds and maybe missing out on a GAME ORGANISERS DEAL, something that most independant site owners offer as standard. Atour site for exampleI offer the following

Book 10 players: You get a free day and 500 free paintballs

Book 20 players: You get a free day and 1000 free paintballs

Book 30 players: You get a free day, 2000 free paintballs and a free set of goggles with a built in fan and thermal lense

Book 50 players: You get a free day, 2000 paintballs AND a free set of goggles with a built in fan and thermal lens and an entry level paintball markerthats yours to keep (not just for the day)

We also recently introduced a GoldV.I.P membershipcard that gives you 100 free paintballs when you come again and a Platinum V.I.P membership card that gives you 200 free paintballs when you come again.

Try getting anything likethat online with a ticket agency......... (GOOD LUCK)!

The only reasonwe do this is because if you have ever organised a group outing such as a paintballing day then you know just how much damned hard work it is for the organiser, by giving you these deals its just our way of saying "thanks for the effort mate". When you book a days paintball with any site you ring them , enquire about a certain date, we either say "yes thats ok" or not, if its ok then we pencil you in the game diaryand sit back waiting for the deposits to come in, at that point thats our job done, but foryou as the organiser thats where your job gets harder, you are the one that has to organise how many people want to go, possibly organise transportAND try to collect the deposits in {thats the hardest bit} then when you`ve got them inyou then have to get the cash to us or send a cheque etc etc. So basically what im saying is look in your local Yellow Pages,Pink directory, Thompsons local, BT phonebook or any similar publicationfirst and find the nearest independantly owned site to you andbook with them direct. Dont assume that booking online with a ticket agencyis cheaperbecause itsNOT!! If you are going buy gift vouchers or tickets make sure you buy them from the site you are going to, its always better and cheaper

Speaking directlyto the site owner or siteoperator you will alwaysget more comprehensive, truthfull and importantinformation than you will by trying to book online with a ticket agency and you willalso find out if the site you want to play at do a similar offer or deal tous that you may otherwise have missed out on.Try to forget booking via ticket agencies particularly most of the ones on Ebay as they are basically and mostly more expensive than booking direct with your local paintball site. Ticket agencies such as Go Ballistic, Minisrty of Paintball, Nationwide Paintball andInternational Paintball Group or IPG/DELTA FORCEas they are also knownwill tell you to expect to get through a "minimum of 400 to 600 paintballs for a full day session" or A"minimum of 200 to 400 paintballsfor a half day session" when infact almost all paintball sites you go to you should budget for around 500 paintballs for half a day and 1000 paintballs for a full day even for a first timer!!! We even get some new players get through 2000 paintballs in one day, and recently one guy got through 3000 before lunch!!! Agencies use the words "expect" and "minimum"to makeit sound cheaper than it really is justto get your interest.. I CAN TELL YOU NOW ABSOLUTLY NO ONE CAN MAKE 200 PAINTBALLS LAST AN ENTIRE MORNING OR 400 PAINTBALL LAST AN ENTIRE DAY..Even if you hide at the back of the playing field you will still need to shoot at the enemy team when they come to get you or your flag!!!You willalso need towatch out for the booking charges/feesagencies hit you with after you have bought the entry tickets, IT ALMOST ALWAYS WORKS OUT 10 PER PERSON MORE EXPENSIVETHAN BOOKING DIRECT AT YOUR LOCAL SITE {even with your first 100 SO CALLED "FREE PAINTBALLS" }!!!

Thanks for reading this I hope this guide is helpful and happy paintballing to you wherever you are.


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