Thursday, August 19, 2010



GHD have just launched the thermodynamics range in this range are the new 3 thermol protectors for use during and before styling ,available in 3 variables for maximum protection for your hair type.each formulated for added control for unruly hair while adding sustained moisture when used with heat styling tools.

Normal to fine hair.light weight protection formulated for fine to normal hair, with ingrediants that deflect and absorb heat with an added UVA protector, meadow foam oil maintains moisture and help keep the elasticity during heat styling

Dry, Course hairControls unruly hair and add sustained miosture when styling with this light hold thermol protector, contains ingrediants that deflect and absorb heat and protect the hair shaft and contains a UVA protector

Weak and Damaged Strenthens and nourishes the hair and is an medium hold thermol protector that deflects the heat protecting the hair shaft, contains a intensive strengthening ingredient designed to deliver optimal anti-breakage benefits,building strength and producing a film aroung the hair shaft to protect the surface of the hair.SHE IRON OIL SHE iron oil is for all hair types, protecting the hair shaft from the heat given off by hair irons and then producing a light invisable film around the hair to protect the surface of the hair from the heat of the irons, this light invisable film also help to keep the hair straighter for longer creating a barrier in damp weather.Directions for all: Spray onto clean hair prior to blow drying or use on each section of dry hair prior to straighteningIRON OILS AND THERMOL PROTECTORS

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