Thursday, August 5, 2010

Guide to identify

I love experimenting with Mac pigments ,they are such fab product,here is a little info to help you avoiding the pitfalls of buying counterfeit Mac pigments.Sadly MAC PIGMENTS are the most counterfeited MAC product!Below is a photo of my fav shade MAC Pigment"Dark Soul"
Authentic Mac pigments retail for around 15 each so as ask yourself how can someone afford to sell 20 brand new pigments for 49?Here some info : MAC doesn't sell wholesale to distributorsIn the UK a MAC Pro card gives a maximum discount of 35% pigments are 9.52 each a Staff Discount card gives 60% discount - pigments cost 5.87 each ,so if you see them sold very cheaply your alarm bells should be ringing loud and clear.I would be wary of buying from anyone who has lots of "very rare" or "hard to find"pigments ask yourself how did they acquire these "rare pigments"?

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