Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fake Links of London Sweetie Bracelet

I was thrilled when i recently purchased my LL sweetie bracelet only to find upon taking it to the shop that it was a fake.

I had my suspicions when i opened the parcel to find the bracelet was wrapped in plastic packaging which i thought was quite odd, after much speculation i took it to the Links of London store within Selfridges manchester and the kind lady took one look at it and confirmed my suspicions. The points to look out for are:

1) the engraving on the fake LL sweetie bracelets are quite faint, the real ones are boldly engraved

2) on either the left or right side of the clasp normally two rings in, there should be a stamp/hallmark

3) the weight of the fakes are much heavier than the real ones and they have a tinny sound if shaken

4) No real sweetie bracelet is sold with a charm already attached apart from the childrensversion.All charms are sold separelty and retail at 40

5)If bought from a LLstore will be packaged with a black bow

6) The silver on the fakes is poor quality and the colour will start diminishing after a few weeks in some cases turning black

I hope the above points will help you save your hardearned cash from being spent on a fake item. I paid 65 for mine but i felt much more satisfied going tothe store and spending an extra 30 on the real thing(plus i really wanted the cute little box to show off to my friends)

Many thanks and good luck xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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