Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dodgy Oakley Sellers/Buyers

To anyone who reads this!

I have been trading for around 4 years now since I was diagnosed with cancer, it gives me something to while the time away with and of course hopefully make a bob or two, now there are a lot of Genuine Sellers/Buyers out there.....but there are a lot of Con-Men/Fraudsters out there, I have lost count of how many emails I have received supposedly from eBay/PayPal, Luckily for me I can spot them a mile away and forward them on to eBay/PayPal respectively, what are they doing to stop this, well as far as I can see absolutely nothing, I am still receiving them daily, if you read this and want any help with any aspect of eBay/PayPal please drop me an email and I will help you as much as I possibly can, so please remember when in doubtabout an email delete it, eBay/PayPal will never ask for your details! now I have just sold another pair of Genuine Oakley this morning {those of you who have bought from me in the past will know that mine are GENUINE } the buyer questioned wether they were real or not as he/she had read somewhere that genuine Oakley do not have stickers on the lens, well some genuine Oakley do! Flak Jacket come with a HDO sticker on the left lens, disproving that theory, if you are looking at a pair anywhere on ebay and are wary about buying/bidding on them drop pleaseme the item number and I will tell you if they are Genuine or NOT


Robert Shevill

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