Thursday, August 19, 2010


Hi just read a very useful guide about colic babies(angielondon) and would just like to add that the drops take up to two weeks to work, were the bottles start to work more or less straight away.

I found the tommee tippee health check bottles best for me, but you do have to do certain things when making them up.

* Make formulawithout the wheel, tubeand valve in first.

*Then when reheating bottle unscrew the lid so that the valve doesn't expand.

*The teat has a cross instead of a hole (you may have to break the seal first!) this means that baby has to suck for the milk ,like they do from the breast.

*Theyhave a helpline that you can use, i recieved replacement valves and advise on how to stop them expanding.(try not to use very hot water when cleaning the valves)

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