Thursday, August 5, 2010


It may have "been around" for 25 years + but despite its age the legendary powerhouse from German gunmakers WEIHRAUCH is still going strong! The problem with the HW80 when it first came out was keeping its power down to the 12ft lbs legal limit, it was, and still is one of the easiest guns to increase its power, which was great for those amongst us who held a F.A.C. Fire arms certificate,

The HW80 is a big heavy brute of a gun, its weight seemed to melt away when it was brought up to the shoulder and locked on target...Rabbits never really stood a chance against it, the HW80's accuracy was amazing, thanks no doubt to its Rekord trigger unit, this was, and still is to many airgunners the best trigger on any air rifle, I for one prefer the lighter BSA Lightning XL, which includesa much bettertrigger, but then again i have always been a big fan of BSA air rifles having started my shooting career with Meteor and Mercury rifles, the old Mercury "S" model to me is the ultimate air rifle! Right, back to the Weihrauch, workmanship is first rate, the action is superb and the stock is a thing of beauty, even an average shot will feel comfort and confidence shooting the HW80...perfection then? to many people yes, points out of a 100? a very worthy 88% !!

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GUIDE JULY 2009, By Ken Lambourne.

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