Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tiffany Necklaces Bracelets etc.. Ebay Good or NOT?????

Tiffany Necklaces come in all shape and forms here on ebay

Do You know what your buying?????

Well i didnt when i purchased from a power seller here on ebay and i found it wasnt all it cracked up to be

So what can You do??

Tiffany brand new is Far to expensive!! Ebay you dont know what you are getting???

How about a Prefered online supplier who has brilliant service and great products based in the UK but ship worldwide

Well i found them i was going through google and there great and sell loads of other stuff too

Its PVCKING.CO.UK Dont forget the 3 w's in front as i cant put them on here as it wont let me

I and many more have ordered and been Very happy

Hope this helps

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