Thursday, August 19, 2010

Crest Strips

Since I have been drinking a tons of green tea, I have found its starting to
stain my teeth. (I'm a tea addict..what can I say)I use the usual tooth
whitener tooth paste, and I have them polished at the dentist. But they
embarrassingly go back to their horrible colour. Now I have used a lot of
whiteners that "claim" they will make my teeth pearly white, you know the ones
with the trays that make you dribble like some mad person with
rabies.Then I saw these Crest strips, being a bit dubious it took some
time before I parted with my cash. I purchased some on Ebay (the premium ones),
and tried them out as soon as they hit my doormat.I have to say these
are absolutely wonderful, ..after the 2nd day of trying, my teeth were starting
to look whiter. You get 2 lots of strips, 14 for the tops and 14 for the bottom
teeth. You have to careful when you peel the gel strip off, if you get
distracted the thing tends to stick to everything else. Also if you have sores
on your gums, or cuts I would advise for you not to use them. Lets just say, I
had a cut on my finger and a bit of the gel got in stung like
crazy.I also have sensitive teeth, and these strips are perfectly fine. I
have had no side effects when using this product. Its not advisable to try and
answer the phone when you have the bottom strip on, other wise you end up
sounding like Janet Street Porter!I would certainly recommend these to
all out there who have stained teeth, who want that dazzling smile..and not have
to pay wads of cash on getting them done professionally. (Oh and a litte plug for someone ) The best place
on Ebay to get these... Chemist-4-u

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