Thursday, August 19, 2010

Table Football - Official Rules

There have always been a lot of arguments about the rules of table football, in the old days each pub or cafe had its own house rules, and even recently different table types and national associations had their own sets of rules.

All this has now changed, as the International Table-Soccer Federation has brought rulemakers from all major traditions together to formulate a universal set of Official Rules of the game, which have been adopted worldwide, and on all types of table, in 2007. These run to a total of 17 pages, and can be found at:

The following is a simplified set of rules, based on the ITSF rules, which should cover play in non-official circumstances, e.g. at home, school/college, pub/club or workplaces. For official tournaments players should familiarise themselves with the official rule book.

Basic Foosball Rules

1 No Spinning it is a spin if the rod rotates more than 360

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