Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rip of postage costs

Im sick of people quite clearly charging over the top postage on there items.

Dvds, ps2 games or anything with that size case only cost 75pence to post your envelope which are about 30pence yet people charge you 3.00 postage and dont even bother to walk to the post office to post your item for a couple of days.

Even guitars and ornamental things from china the postage is always something ridiculas like 199.

I you want something for a certain price then put the correct postage and start the auction from the price you want.

Ive just bought a psp memory stick and the postage was 12.99 so I would expect express delivery but it didnt even arrive the next day even though I paid at 8.30am. If this is a business like they said then they know ive just paid cause they sell hundreds every week so they must check all the time.

I think ebay should do something about these scamming peasants. We should be allowed to claim postage back if we think we have been over charged by these money grabbing vermin scumbags.

If you think the postage is overpriced then tell the seller and look elsewhere. There is always someone else selling something you want at a reasonable p p cost.

If you disagree with my comments then chances are your probably a seller and that just tough.

Unless your happy to pay high postage costs then your just a fool.

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