Monday, July 26, 2010

abercrombie trousers

have bought plenty of items via the US website so can spot fakes. recently bid for some trousers from this country in a colour sold-out in US. obviously fake as soon as arrived but hard to spot online as often the photo is used from the website. if they post two photos compare as i spotted another dodgy pair this way. one was from abercrombie and another taken by the seller and there were subtle diffences.the originals come with heavy duty tags and feel really robust, even if "lightweight". inner labels are stitched on all sides not just two. ask them how they were sourced and any receipts as when i sold a pair i had all these. and the belts are all long, unlike on the fakes! also, abercrombie trousers always come up big (med =33-34") whereas the fakes are smaller. hope this helps?

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