Tuesday, July 20, 2010

LAY-Z-SPA - including guide to RUNNING COSTS

PLEASE REMEMBER TO VOTE FOR THIS GUIDE. It has been viewed over 3500 times but so few people have thanked me! - Where esle will you get a guide like this including running costs. PLEASE PLEASE vote. - Thanks Chris.............

Bought Lay Z Spa from Stack-m-High in June 2007. Easy to set up. Inflated and ready to fill in about 15 minutes. Takes 1 hour to fill using garden hose. and Overnight ( 14 hours) to heat to 40 degrees. After 2 weeks the Heater failed and would not heat the water. Bestway Uk help line sent replacement very swiftly. This second unit seems a lot better and so far has worked perfectly.I bought a chemical kit with Chlorine - PH PH- Test Strips and anti foam for 45 delivered. This is a large kit (CLEARWATER brand) - this lasted all last summer ( 2007) and still has half left.We used the spa most days and its really nice. The water is lovely and hot and the bubbles are very powerful and relaxing. The spa water quality needs some maintenance by using a test strip every few days or after every use and then adding the right amount of chemicals to keep the water in safe condition - but this is fairly easy to do as the instructions with the kit I bought are very easy to follow.After a month or so depending on use the water will need draining and replacing but you get an attachment to do this which again attaches to a gardens hose - it takes a little longer to drain though at about 2-3 hours. it is possible to use a pump - like a pond pump and a general water pump to empty it fasterWe have ours under a gazebo with side panels and low voltage lighting making it very private. Someone we know who also have one of these dug a hole in the garden and lowered into into the ground so you step down into it - Nice Idea - if you like digging holes!All in all - despite the stories you might hear of reliability issues - its well worth it and a nice purchase that brings a lot of fun for the money in our opinion.If you read about anyone having numerous pumps replaced it might suggest they ahvn't followed the operating instructions regarding bleeding the air valve each time BEFORE using the heater button - which according to another user I have spoken to resulted in 3 broken pumps - SO be carefull!!!!!!!!!!!UPDATE JUNE 2008.I packed the lay-z-spa away at the end of last summer , carefully drying it down and taking care to get all the "nooks and crannies" well dried out. I then wiped it over with an antibacterial spray. This is worth while as if you don't do this you are likely to get mildew that would need cleaning off after you unpack it from its winter storage ( or you may choose to keep it set up in the winter and not have this problem !).When packing mine up and deflating it I had been careless and managed to puncture the top sidewall on a small sharp stone. When I set it back up I used one of he clear repair patches supplied with the lay-z-spa - and it worked perfectly being air tight and still working perfectly well. Equally the Heater is still going strong 1 month after I set it back up from last year - not like all the other horror stories you will have read about! - either I'm just lucky or you only hear on Ebay if its gone wrong! Mine still works well........so it looks like another summer in the garden for me...... :)UPDATE Early October 2008After a faultless Summer with lots of days in the lazy SPA

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