Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pt 5 More Old Country Roses Factory Seconds Backstamps

Part5 of a five part series

( As Ebay's limit is 10 pics per guide)

this guide should be read after Part 1. How to buy Old Country Roses - Royal Albert

A factory second is exactly that...

It is an item that was rejected by the factory's quality control staff as unsuitable for first quality specification and sale.

It could have been a glazing flaw, mis-alignment of one of the graphic transfers, a colour variation, a firing or gilding flaw, variation in size...the list could go on. Please note that gilders often put a test mark on the back/bottom....it does not indicate a flaw, it was simply used to test the gilding or sometimes to identify the production team.

Just remember, no matter what anyone claims, the second was rejected for a specific reason, if the seller can't tell you what it is, it just means that they can't find it....not that it's not there....

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