Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New to using Unmounted Rubber Stamps? Here's how to!

Just how do you use unmounted rubber stamps?

Unmounted Rubber Stamps are just that, no wood, or cushion, just the rubber pattern/picture itself, and are so easy to use.

Why spend money each time on a block of wood you don't need, that then takes up so much space in your crafting area, making storage a problem?!

Unmounted rubber stamps just need a flat surface that is slightly larger than therubber stamp itself.

Anna Griffin do a good range of clear mounts so that you can see where the stamp is positioned.

Alternatively, the picture side of an existing wooden rubber stamp could be ideal. Again, make sure it is just larger than the unmounted stamp that you want to use.

Use a water soluable glue, such as Pritt Stick, to glue your unmounted stamp to the flat surface.

Then stamp your image, pressing firmly, but not hard, and don't "rock" the stamp! For larger stamps it is often useful to have a cutting mat or such like under the card you are stamping, so that there is a little bit of give, to give a clearer image.

Once you have finished, peel off the unmounted stamp from the surface you've used, and clean the glue off the stamp and the mount, with a wet wipe. Leave to dry, then store.

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