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N gauge Versus 1/144 Scale

All AFVs and aircraft models shown in my shop photographs are 1/144 scale andall figures are 12 mm. I also state that the 12 mm figures on sale aresuitable for N gauge and this can result in some confusion. I hope this mini-guide clarifies.

N 'scale' trains run on 9mm 'gauge' track, but the terms 'SCALE' and 'GAUGE are commonly mixed up.

SCALE: the size ratio of a model compared to the full size item.

GAUGE: the measurement between rails on track - full size or model.

Accurately speaking, N gauge when applied to a modelis a misnomer: it is N scale.

While N varies from 1/148 to 1:160across the world, the track gauge is 9 mm. [N stands for 'N'ine mm gauge.]

In the USA and Europe, models of standard gauge trains [4-8.5"] are built to 1:160 scale but designed to run on N gauge track. In the UK, 1:148 is used. In Japan, 1:150 is used for models of 3-6" gauge trains, while 1:160 is used for standard gauge Shinkansen [Bullet Train] models.

In the U.S. and Europe, a scale of 1:160 is used for train models, irrespective of the gauge of theactual trains they are scaled from. All of these scales run on the same 9mm track [N] gauge. This means the track is a little too narrow for 1:148 / 1:150 but the difference is considered too small to matter.

For deciding an appropriate height of scaled figure, consider how a mans height affects scale. See table below:

Man's heightFigure's Height Scale

ft Inches m mm inches

6'-'0" 721.83- 10.0 0.39- 1:183

5'-6" 68 1.7- 10.0 0.39 - 1:173

6'-'0" 721.83-12.0 0.47 - 1:152

5'-6" 68 1.7-12.00.47 - 1:144

6'-'0" 72 1.83- 12.20.5 -1:144

5'-6" 68 1.7- 12.2 0.5-1:136

6'-'0" 72 1.83- 15.00.59-1:122

5'-6" 68 1.7-15.0 0.59 -1:115

In summary, assuming an average W.W.II. warrior stood between 5-6" and 6-0" tall, then both traditional imperial height model figures of " [12.7 mm], and modern metric 12.0 mm can be considered ideal for representing 1/144 scale figures. At the same time it can be seen that 15 mm figures are too tall, and 10 mm figures too small.

A lot of the above information has beencollected from otherenthusiasts over time. My thanks and apologiesto all contributers who are not acknowledged here.

Hope this helps.

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