Monday, July 12, 2010

Paypal Protection only when it suits Ebay

I thought when something was badly described Paypal protected the buyer. Not true in all cases. A friend purchased an item on Ebay she buys and sells at length has 100% feedback and really sticks by the rules and gives good service. Ebay did not do the same for her. So do no believe all the hype it happens when it suits but not when it does not.

Alright, I'll go first.

QUIET THE REST OF YOU, you'll all get your turn.

Pease - stop sharpening that axe please.

Afantiques - STOP BULLYING TXPERSON - now look what you've done! One hour on the nuaughty step, please.

EVERYONE - just wait patiently or there will be naughty step time for everyonehanded out.

OP - OK, sorry about that.

Just so we know we're not wasting our valuable time with another brain dead, whingeing, 99% of-the-population-are-asylum-seekers getting-£1000-a-week-from-the-dole-I-know-it's-true-because-someone-told-me, Flat Headed, Smacked in the face with a shovel, does my ar#e look big in this Shell suit,useless lump of excrement -

What is the item Number ?

When was it listed ?

What was the fault for which your Friend wished to file a SNAD ?

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