Tuesday, July 20, 2010

fake callaway drivers,especially ft-1's

this is just a note to all you people out there looking to buy a new callaway ft-1 or ft-5 driver. i would say that at the moment and for the last 4 weeks about 90% of the callaway drivers for sale on here have been fakes. the easy way to spot them are as follows:- 1. the fakes are all are too cheap!!! these clubs still retail at about 250.00 upwardsfrom a decent golf supplier, not 49.99 or 69.99as seen on ebay. 2. all the sellers wont accept paypal for some reason. they will only accept postal orders/cheques etc but not paypal. 3. nearly all the sellers have a very small feedback and have only been ebay members a very short time. 4. most have a chinese type ebay id name or something very similar. 5. NONE CAN SUPPLY A SERIAL NUMBER.6.all the pictures are stock items from the net and not of the actual clubs. nice glossy pictures that help to con people. i hope report this helps someone out there and i hope ebay will look into all the fake golf stuff, especially callaway as its just horrendous the amount of people being conned out of their hard earned cash by a few bad selling ebay conmen. just take time to think to yourself how can they sell a callaway driver for a fifth of the price??? they cant unless they sell a fake. BE VERY CAREFUL---DONT BUY THESE CHEAP CHINESE FAKES.

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