Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"International iPods"

"International iPods"Did you know that there is no difference between iPods from different regions? Apple packs the exact same iPod to sell in every area of the world. What's the difference then? None, except that you are paying a different price than other people. There are several things that people are concerned about that I will address here:The iPod comes prepackaged with several languages to choose from. You can select:EnglishJapaneseCestinaDanskDeutschEspanolFrancaisItalianNetherlandsPortuguesPyccknnSuomiSvenskaTurkceKoreanChinese (both types)In addition, the instruction manual comes with all these languages as well. Think about this for a moment. Why would Apple include all these languages in every iPod they sold? The answer is so they can produce one iPod that can be shipped ANYWHERE with ease. Imagine having to ensure that there was adaquete supply of iPods with the French language, and not too many with English on them. That would be a nightmare.

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