Monday, July 26, 2010

Butterfly Cigarette Card Guide (Collectables)

Butterflies On Cigarette Cards (Collectables) - Naturally Artistic

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Cigarette cards were issued on numerous topics and the butterfly is definitely one of the popular ones. These beautiful creatures reveal nature's artistic propensity to the full.Butterflies come in a myriad of colours and shapes that have inspired artists and designers for generations. Below I've listed a selection of some of the most attractive butterfly card sets that I've come across in my six years of trading on eBay.I've provided scans of a sample card from each set and I've tried to list as many card titles as possible. As with many butterflies, some of the cards are now quite rare.

Butterfly Card Sets

Name Of Set: British Butterflies (Large)
Manufacturer: John Player and Sons
Issue Year: 1934
Card Number: 25
Butterfly Names: Scotch Argus, Adonis Blue, Large Blue, Brimstone, Black-Veined Brown, Camberwell Beauty, Clouded Yellow, Comma,Small Copper, Marsh Fritillary, Silver-Washed Fritillary, Grayling, Marbled White, Orange Tip, Pained Lady, Peacock, Purple Emperor, Brown Hairstreak, Purple Hairstreak, Red Admiral, Grizzled Skipper, Large Skipper, Swallowtail, Small Tortoiseshell and Wall.

Name Of Set: Butterflies and Moths
Manufacturer: WM. Clarke

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