Tuesday, July 20, 2010

FAKE GUITARS FROM CHINA! - eBay buyers beware!

Beware of the dozens of fake top brand guitars being sold on eBay from China. The photos may make the guitars look very tempting but these are fake Gibsons, Epiphones, Fenders and others. They are getting to look extremely close to the real brands and a few of my friends have beenalmost caught out but thankfully theydid their homework before falling for these fakes.

I have noticed that some fake guitars now include fake Gibson branded guitar cases and documentation and they even have triss rod covers that have the classic twin screws of genuine gibsons instead of the more common three screws. Some even have fake serial numbers and "Made in USA" stamped on the back.

You'd think that no-one would be fooled by a "Super exquisite electricity guitar" advertised on eBay at cheap prices but the photos show what appear to be genuine Gibson, Epiphone, Fender, PRS logos. One Chinese seller quoted on his eBay listingthat the guitar was "Made in the USA - by our own exquisite, friendly Chinese artisans!" It is unbelievable that some people are fooled by that.

These fakes are poor low quality imitations of the real brands. eBay has started to clamp down on this illegal activity and ban these illegal auctions. Top Tip - In the UK you can restrict items you are searching for by geography and so avoid even looking at cheap fakes from China.. This is doneby ticking the Distance tab in your search to 500 miles. That should take in most of the UK and omit the illegal Chinese garbage. Be careful out there!

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