Tuesday, July 20, 2010


This is a two part guide on the Brother ribber. Part1 is installing your ribber properly onto the knitting machine, it can be found at: KNITTING MACHINES: PART 1, INSTALLING A BROTHER RIBBER.This is Part2, making the necessary adjustments before knitting.

About this Guide:I have written this guide to help you understand how to be able to adjust the Brother Ribbing attachment in conjunction with the range of main bed Brother Knitting Machines. It has been written from an engineers point of view to help you make the necessary adjustments to enable you to setup the ribber properlyallowing you to get the very best finish from your work. I have not tried to cover all of the features or the full workings of the gadget, I have not covered any of the many knitting techniques you can use with a ribber, I may do that later in another guide.

Disclaimer:I must make it clear I have written this guide from my personal experience, I may not have covered 100%of all aspects of the topic. In some cases I am giving you my opinion, I accept that others may not agree. I accept no responsibility for any mistakes what so ever. Any age of these machines given is very approximate and is based from the date of writing this article 9th April, 2008.

About us:Carolhas been a machine knitter for over twentysix years

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