Monday, July 26, 2010

Watch out for import PS2 / XBOX games DVD's !!


There are hundreds, even thousands if PS2 and Xbox games on ebay, but sometimes unless you look closely you may have bought the wrong item!!

Here in the UK our games consoles (PS2 / XBOX / XBOX 360) areREGION 2 (PAL).With PSP it doesent matter what region it is for games, only movies which have to be region 2 (uk).

Some sellers are selling Region 1 games for lower prices, but they are hard to spot because they sometimes dont say in the main description, only in the small area above next to the genre etc. or sometimes they write it in small print at the bottom.

So remember if you are buying a game for a UK games console (excluding PSP) try to buy from the UK and make sure it is REGION 2 (PAL) which is the UK Standard


Here in the UK most of our DVD players are REGION 2, but there are many sellers from America and other countries like China selling DVD's but they are not Region 2. America is REGION 1 and will not work on most DVD Players, and it plays in NTSC which will display in black on white on most UK televisions, although many TV's nowsupport NTSC (USA, Canada) and PAL (UK).

Check if you're DVD Playercan play DVD'sfrom different regions (is it region free) as many can, butif not or you do not know I advise you dontbuy the DVD unless it is REGION 2 (UK - STANDARD)


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